Evidence to suggest you can get out of the relaxation chamber?


So from what ive been hearing, its possible to escape the chamber preemptively. And after about 2 minutes of research ive come here to ask what makes people think its possible, and if it can actually be done. OOB, TAS, or “legit”.


It is possible, but it’s a super secret segmented strat and wont be seen in action any time soon.


boo at keeping strats secret, slows down the progression of the speedrun >:(
Just my initial thought, no request or judgement or whatever. :>


Dude. Harsh. I’d kill to figure it out. That’d cut so much time off my run. Sub 7 single segment hypw


I would guess that it’s not viable in RTA runs atm.


of course it is it’s just hard 8)


You basically can’t do it unless you’re a human TAS.


then how did imanex get segments for it? just reset until you get it


If it requires mashing I can abh without binds. If not it could be done via tas. I’ve always wanted to see a good tas of portal that isn’t that stupid .5 second meme.


Somebody get Wako.

Also, didn’t they mention in SourceCast about a cash reward for the people who find out how to get out of the relaxation chamber?


Yes. 100$ from Jared, 100$ from Darwin and 100$ from Z1m.


This counts right :^) https://youtu.be/nBDJLhcYrpQ


what’s about this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjxQ59apF68


10/10. Now to recreate those live.


you can’t unless you’re playing ng+.
Actually that basically what the vault save makes it nowdays. So maybe they’ll allow it.


Please fill me in on what ng+ is? Newgame plus? I don’t understand.


New Game Plus is using a save from a previous game. Usually used to get something earlier that you wouldn’t have normally when playing from a new save/game until later on.


So I couldn’t do this in source unpack… Damn.


You need to load a save without ISG active so the props don’t disappear.
Also, the velocity etc. can be random.


Well thanks to you I had a brilliant idea. So tha nks.Too bad I won’t get to test it for almost 12 hours. I have a long day of work ahead of meSo how exactly did you do that Nanokub? i mean, i got item save glitch. i just dont know how to get out when using it.