Eurovision Song Contest


Did anyone else watch the Eurovision Song Contest this year?I think we won. :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet if there would be a hot women showing her boobies for 5 minutes into the camera, I really bet, she would win…I think europe sold its music-soul :smiley: gratz though. dont wanna be a bad loser ;)germany sucked!


Well, most of the shows were nearly like that. I think it’s really good that the winner didn’t win because of their good looks.Or maybe they did…


I watched the whole thing and I was slightly surprised that Lordi won, but congrats to them and Finland! :wink: I’m a Finnish person who doesn’t live in Finland, but the win wasn’t that big of a deal for me…still funny that they won. I think that Finland will have a lot of rock artists among their Eurovision Song Contest contestants next year…Finland will probably have some death-metal band next year :slight_smile: Rock and Eurovision? What a mix! :stuck_out_tongue: Fun stuff!


I doubt we will have a contestant with a chance next year. Hardly any people who listen to heavy music will vote. Either that or there will be a hit singer with no real talent.Somehow I have the feeling Lordi won because people wanted to protest. We will just have to wait for another year to see how many bands will have some kind of masks like they did…