European Speedster Assembly 2014


Are you ready for another marathon?

Team Ludendi is back, this time with an even bigger, better, faster show - European Speedster Assembly! It starts tomorrow, July 27th 13:15 CEST and lasts till August 3rd.

And of course, how can any speedrun marathon go live without someone from SourceRuns? Get ready to see a whole set of (Gold)Source games!

On Monday, S. is going to run Half-Life 2: Episode One, and just after that you’re going to see him race Elgu on Half-Life 2: Episode Two! A couple of days later, coolkid will be running Half-Life, followed by a run of Half-Life 2 by Elgu & friends.
Another non-traditional Source game is going to be featured in the show - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, ran by Elgu!

Don’t forget about the Portal series! The first Portal game is going to be run by Wakecold, and Xebaz will do a Portal 2 Co-op run together with D4rw1N.

Keep an eye on other games as well - aside Half-Life, coolkid will also be doing runs of Mega Man, Swat 4 and Quake! You’re also going to see S. running Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

That’s a lot of SourceRuns action out there! Don’t miss it!

The marathon is going to be livestreamed on Twitch throughout two streams. Both of them have a separate schedule, so you’ll find yourself switching back and forth: - Blue stream - Yellow stream

And of course, here are the schedules of both streams. All times are being rendered in your local timezone.


My body is ready. Wishing the best of luck to all runners.


Elgu is on the left and S. is on the right.


Oh man, that is one epic gif.

Stupid schedule making me miss the EP1/2 runs… :frowning:


Here you go, D4rw1N, both runs one after another. Just wait for them to set up a bit. :slight_smile:


There is gonna be a L4D run in a couple hours on the blue stream.


Nvm. Noobest’s Dark Souls run was so slow they had to skip it


I thought they stopped runs that go over the estimate? Pretty sure they do that in GDQs at least.


They were probably expecting him to finish early.


Obviously you’re expected to finish under your estimate but if you go over your estimate at all during a run in a GDQ event they’ll just kill it and move onto the next game.


GTA 2 went over it’s estimate at this last SGDQ and nobody killed it.


Actually after doing some research I think the rule is just if the run is bad it will be mercy killed. That’s what the rule was for AGDQ 2012 anyway.


Yeah, mostly because of Corey Miller’s epic one man disaster…


Half-Life run by Coolkid.


Glorious 60FPS version.

Also, Half-Life 2 race by Elgu and other guys.


Teh epic SourceRuns group picture (that ended up having my cellphone screen shattered…).

From left to right:
Coolkid, Paprika, wakecold, Elgu, me.

P.S. S. was asleep.