Estranged Act 1


I was told to make a thread about the run.

So the Estranged Act 1 run is completed with the time of 9 minutes and 52 seconds in 87 segments

Here’s a timesheet:



The run is published!


Good job! :smiley:
I am looking forward to the video.


your beginning difference is incorrect.

just an fyi.


i basicly have to rerender some part of it, do some brightness and sounds corrections !

I guess i will upload it in a week or so :smiley: really looking forward for this :smiley:


I thought you fixed brightness in rexaura already :o


nop ^^ rexaura was pretty friendly with that :smiley:


Actually, I kinda thought the colour in the Rexaura render was a bit washed out, but I don’t think there’s a huge amount of editing stuff that could have been done; it was probably just the YouTube colour space and the mixture of really dark black and really white textures. Watching with MPC-HC (plus that shader that does the colour range thingy), I felt that it looked a lot better. In the case of Estranged I don’t really know what that will be like because I’ve not extensively looked at the mod, but hopefully it will turn out reasonably well after being uploaded to… eh… the widely used website specifically meant for HD video streaming. ??? Come to think of it, it would be really cool to have a download as well. :wink:


in rexaura, i had to render each map then re-render them : it explain the fade colors ^^ don’t worry, estranged act 1 is a render from the raw picture :smiley: 6 mo each at 60 fps for 10 min :smiley:


the render is done and i will upload it soon as i can :smiley:


The run is up!


Very good run, nicely done!


Good job! I am looking forward to more mod runs they are fun to watch.