Episodic Unpack fps issues


ok so for some reason episode 1 and 2 are acting wierd for me… I experience strange fps drops in the starting areas and some other areas of the game (cant remember where exactly but it occurs at other places).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXkXQB-cvg8&feature=youtu.be If you keep an eye on the fps counter in the upper right corner you can see what I experience. While moving around in the starting area the fps tends to be low (90-170 fps, I know its not “low” but it’s noticeable when it fluctuates that much) but when i look away from the starting area later in the video it stays at 300. I experience the same issue in Episode 2 BUT in Half-life 2 my fps stays between 280-300 at all times.

In the video I’m running a freshly installed Episodic Unpack 1.0 from https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=2692.0 , only changed to full screen and toggled cl_showfps 1.

PC specs:
GTX 780
i7 5820k
8GB ram
SSD games etc.


I fixed the fps drops I had by putting -high into the ep2.bat, it sets the game to high priority.


Didnt help :confused:

I noticed another interesting thing, if i start a new game and look where I usually drop fps it only drops to about 250-ish, but as soon as I quicksave then quickload the the drops to 150-ish :S


After some more testing I found another area that has heavy fps drop, after leaving that area and going to the next map I went back and the area was now fine. no fps drop. BUT as soon as I quicksaved an quickloaded the fps rop appeared again.

I also tried to quit the game, load a save and tried to make that area drop fps for me again but it now seems fine.

Another thing I tried was to go fresh from the previous map (all npcs spawn etc) and no fps drops. But when i quicksave and quickload the fps drop appear.

Recording the game also seems to have slight performance impact which makes me think it might be a CPU issue(cpu was never above 55%). Also tabbing out and back in give me framedrop for about 5-10sec then it went back to steady fps.

Changing graphics makes no difference.


I’ve got specs much lower end than yours but my ep2 always runs at ~250-300. It might be that something is running in the background, maybe try disabling the steam overlay for ep2, take a lookat the nvidia control panels and see what you can change for hl2.exe, try running it with -gl and prioritizing the game in the nvidia control panel, try a steam emulator, close things, reboot, try windowed mode, windowed borderless mode or full screen and compare.

There’s hundreds of things you can try when it comes to game performance issues, its not easy to pinpoint exactly what is wrong.