Episode one delayed (again)


GI: How’s development going on Half-Life 2: Aftermath?Newell: Great. It’s a lot of fun.GI: Any kind of release date?Lombardi: May 31st.GI: Is there anything you can say about the story, and how long the average player will be able to play through this content?Newell: It took me seven hours to play through the game the last time I played through it. There’s a lot of variability of how long it takes people to play.Lombardi: $19.95 is the price point, and it’ll be at both retail and on Steam on May 31st.Newell: A lot of it is about your relationship with Alex, and what the hell happened at the end of Half-Life 2. It was sort of a cliff hanger.Full story at:http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200…2249.59492.htm


WHY!?!?!?!?!?! :o Well, I hope Oblvion will run fine on my PC so that I will have something to do during my wait.


From the interview:QUOTE And then there are longer term plot issues that the ground work is going to get laid.Getting laid… now that will make for interesting speed runs. And it reminds me of that LighntningX signature someone here on the forum had :wink:



Oh shit, yeah… what the hell was that anyway?



I saw it when I was reading through a cache of the old site one day. Here it is:QUOTE Bandit5k:(Mitlancer) I could picture LightningX having sex, with some cool music playing, and when he’s done in 1:36 seconds, (cause he cheated by using some wood) he recaps it all with flash photography…:lol:

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