So I managed to find a pretty darn good ABH launch for 06a which basically takes you to the end of the map, like any segmented trick its VERY precise so it will take some time to replicate.

For 07, we can take the speed from 06a via edgebug and swing ourselves across the map. Keep in mind that Alyx may or may not spawn in the next map, no one knows what exactly causes her to not spawn but either way we need her for the helicopter battle.

If I can finish 07 then Ill try to plan out 08 but that damn helicopter and all of its exceptions, triggers and what not will be a time killer.

Here is a video of said ABH launch for 06a and the aforementioned “swing” in 07:
Download (60fps)
Demos + Saves

To do the swing, hold down A and slightly move your mouse to right during loading , then slowly keep moving your mouse right until you are straight.

I cant wait to do some segments :D!


Oh, my god. That looks like it could actually be faster than using the axe.



Could use axe to gain initial momentum.

Can use ramp sliding to avoid fall damage at the end. You can slide up the small hill which has the train tracks.

Hi btw.


TYPICAL! Come join the ep2 run and get some segments!

Also our plan was to use the axe to start the abh since it gives more speed than anything else.


I think we’re going to use the little slopes that train roofs have to avoid falldamage.


I uploaded route demos for outland_07 some time ago but nobody seemed to want to look at them. So I made a video just for you Exec since you’re lazy ;D



oh yeh I’ve seen this, really nice


Matmo, did the car (with alyx) spawn in outland_08 after that demo?


ur gay <3




Be warned. There are some weird problems that can occur during the chopper fight scene when it comes to progression by not using the car.