ep2_outland_06a SPD Help



I’ve been trying to figure out how do an SPD jump with the pickaxe as you exit the tunnel on ep2_outland_06a.

Here are two examples:

I’m able to replicate the first video, using the rocks on the side as a boost. However, I cannot achieve the amount of height shown in the clip. I’m also confused how the axe determines what direction the player should go when interacting with it.



Direction of the axe is determined by the spot it is held in the elevator.

If you want a consistent way, just dump it in the small cave where the water goes.

http://www.twitch.tv/lotsofs/b/437421271 This is a 59:xx run I did a few days ago, can’t remember if it’s pickaxe was any good though.


Awesome, thank you. Managed to get across. What were you hoping for around 22:40 in your speedrun?


I was responding to what someone said in the chat.

“I hope she did that for proper reasons”