I’ve been looking at what we would have to deal with in the next map after the last segment of ep2_outland_01a and realized it was this huge wall-climb segment. I’ve come up with an alternative route. Whether or not it’s faster/easier is debatable I guess, but I thought I’d share it anyway, if just for the fact that it looks cool :wink:

Here’s a clip of the way it’s supposed to go, and two demos of how it could work (including the clip version). If we decide to go with this route I’d suggest two segments: the first one ends after setting up the ramp, the second one goes till the end of the map. The demos were recorded with the ep2 version we’re running on.

Would be great if someone who was more invested in the planning stage could update the topic with other route information, i.e. do we have to pick up any items, etc.


Edit: Alright, I looked a bit more into this and made a screenshot of the ramp setup I used. I’m not entirely sure if the mine is really necessary. I just put it there in order to set up the ramp with a steeper angle. It’s quite possibly redundant. Here’s the image. At the moment of impact I traveled at 2100~ ups, after the impact the speed dropped to 1400~ ups. Obviously, too get this fast upon impact you need blind luck as you can’t really control how fast you go when ABH’ing.


I like this. “ABH replaces everything” -igge <3


Any chance this could be in a scriptless singlesegment?
Haven’t checked yet but this seems to be the most reliable way for scriptless, but I’m not sure how SS-food it is.

The wallclimb is too stupid for scriptless.


Theorically, it would be easier to do, but without scripts you might not get enough speed from ABH, and you’ll probably start falling before you reach your destination.


Considering it took me hundreds of attempts to get this jump, not to mention refining the ramp setup several times throughout, I highly doubt it’s feasible in a single-segment run. The whole thing depends on you getting lucky and gaining 2000+ ups in speed in like 3 jumps which rarely happens. As for the ramp in general, it might be possible to do the jump without the barrel and just use the mine + palette. I tested this some weeks ago but couldn’t make the jump which I don’t necessarily blame on the missing barrel.

I’d love for you folks to help me with the segmented run first before focusing on a single-segment run. I can hardly motivate myself to do it if I’m running it alone. Frankly, my time recently has been rather limited. Apart from that it’s a pain to boot into Windows every time I might wanna try a segment and then possibly losing motivation again after 5 minutes. I can imagine that my activity will greatly increase once Steam and the various Source engine games get ported to Linux. Unfortunately though this might take a while.


Sorry. I already have a run near perfection :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it won’t take too long after all: http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/beta-late-than-never-3/


Proof of concept demo: ramp. This demonstrates the easiest way to ramp-jump up the elevator shaft. Guess I’ll start working on the segment to set up the ramp.

Edit: And of course I just managed to get a flawless ramp setup plus ramp jump, make it to the end of the map just to see that starting demo recording didn’t work. And here I was so motivated to run this map…


Aww, unlucky man D:



Got it, 6 + 10 seconds. Moving on.


Nicely done. I’ll try and get old-ep2 running in the future so I could help out.


Someone get it on youtube D: I’m at uni for another 3 weeks and can’t watch it :frowning:


Don’t ask me what save I used on outland_02 but it sure as hell wasn’t the correct one. It was quite possibly an autosave of the map which seems to be made way behind the spawn position. I was just capturing the map videos and wondered about that huge gap between the video segments. I always thought outland_02 started with the player falling through the hole in the ceiling which is where the savegame I used started. Turns out that’s too far ahead. Of course I don’t have neither the proper savegame for outland_02, nor for the previous segment. So it looks like I’ll have to redo the last two segments of outland_01a, as well as outland_02. This run is goddamn cursed. Only positive thing I see about this is that it gives me the chance to get a cleaner segment transition between the last two segments of outland_01a.


The terrible, terrible crime of badly organised saves. It’s destroyed the joy of many a speedrunner, I remember the times it happened in ep1. Keep your chin up man, it can be done! YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.


Damn. Luckily I’m keeping close track of the saves of dwahmov


Yeah, I’ll definitely do that, too, from now on. I already got a good 4th segment of outland_01a and hope to advance to outland_02 by the end of this week. Hopefully I can keep my motivation up, but it’s looking good so far.