This is a very challenging map. I’ve had a little run around on this map for an hour or so, testing things.You cannot keep the super gravity gun, the trigger that changes it back is unavoidable as far as I can see.EDIT: You only need to activate the second two beams, the first one can be skipped. typical has mentioned a piece of metal you can bring in from the level before, so this could be used to orb jump straight up onto the second level. This’ll be much better for time than previously, as in Phase 1, suga activated the first beam, but if we can skip the overall climbing to that level, we’ll be able to skip a hell of a lot of this level. :DA basic guide to the level:1) Send in the piece of metal you took from the previous level (typical’s demo)2) Kill all combine3) Listen to Alyx, get in the elevator and go to the core4) Put your sheet of metal on the edge of the ground, grab an orb and orb jump up onto the second balcony.5) I believe there’s a trigger that can be skipped here, the one that actually spawns the combine. If you skip this with your orb jump, it’ll make it much better on our health as they won’t spawn at all. Hopefully do this and go into the second level room.6) Grab the orb on your right and fire it into the… orb catcher?7) Gravity gun the monitor on the other side of the room8) Run out onto the balcony, set up the monitor and orb jump up onto the third level.9) Run in, skip the combine on the left, go through the tunnels, you should be able to get through the field of orbs without getting hit if you bunnyhop correctly10) Go into the room, kill any combine, hopefully take the white combine’s orb that he fires and shoot it into the… orb catcher.11) Wait a bit, kill any combine that approach from the balcony above, grab an orb through the broken window and without going down the ledge, fire it into one of the generators, then get another and fire that into the second12) Get a final orb and launch it into the orb catcher13) Grab the door from the room and take it with you14) Wait until the door opens, bunnyhop up and ‘tag’ Alyx. As soon as she starts talking you can go into the other room and recharge your suit, then just wait till she finishes talking15) If you can do it fast enough, use the door you had to kill the combine chasing you, loot them for their ammo and then get to the elevator quick.Feel free to add anything.


There’s a sheet of metal you can bring from the last level that you could use to orb jump as soon as you enter the “chamber”. Also you don’t have to put an orb in the first room. Just the second and third. As for keeping the gravity gun… I’m not sure… but I don’t want to keep it. =/


Ah, right you are. I was almost sure I’d tried just 2 and 3 and not managed it. Just done it now and you’re right. Well, that will cut some time off :D.For the gravity gun, I was just thinking maybe it’d be better to have the ultra powerful one for beating the rest of the game, but whatever really.Hmm. There’s the door outside the first chamber to orb jump with, but if you can bring the metal in from a previous level, it’ll allow a much earlier orb jump, so I guess it’d be better to use that. Could you get a demo of bringing that in and maybe orb jumping onto the second level?I’ll update the first post with this info.


Alright, I’ve made the demo’s. Where should I upload them?


I guess it’s best to upload it to this now, since it’s for HL2DQ.


I’ve tried uploading 3 times and keep getting this message:Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in /www/hl2dq.net/do_upload.php on line 39Error creating directory on the server. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact an administrator.It’s smaller than the maximum size and it’s in a .rar format =SAny idea what’s wrong?


Hmm, I just tried uploading something and I got the same. I guess that uploading’s down. Any chance you can use megaupload, rapidshare, filefront etc?


http://rapidshare.com/files/236824627/metal_sheet.rar.htmlAlright, there you go. You pick up the metal sheet at the end of ep1_citadel 02. It falls from the cealing after you go past a trigger. You can carry it down the elevator in ep1_citadel 02b. I accidently jumped to high when doing the orb jump though. Went up to the top.


Ah, great going. I hadn’t thought to take any metal from before the giant elevator. I tried keeping some from there, but it just went away. Very good idea. Seems really good and quite good for orb jumping as well. I’ll add it to the original post.


How is the guide to the level? Detailed enough?


http://rapidshare.com/files/236836871/kill.rar.html12.5: Grab a door from the last orb catcher room.14: Kill the guards that chase you into the elevator with the door and loot them for combine balls and 1 grenade. =0


Haha! That’s awesome! And it fits with a stuck jump at the end if you feel like messing around :stuck_out_tongue: Look in the other thread.I’ll add that to the guide. Always good to have more ammo.