ep1_c17_02b (YES, BEFORE _02a)


Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Sprint forward and through the doorway
  2. Quickly run to the stairs, grabbing the health on there and everything, to activate the combine timer
  3. Run back through the room, destroying all boxes except the one the hopper is guarding to get health up to 100, armour to something like 97, and a mortar
  4. Run back again to the stairs, back up to wherever you feel comfortable, get your smg out
  5. As soon as the door blows open, shoot the flaming barrel until it explodes
  6. As soon as it explodes, aim your fire at the plug in the back of the room. If you aim right, it should come out and let down the forcefield
  7. Run through the forcefield that just dropped
  8. Save and time demo

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. Run up the stairs
  2. Just as you reach the top, jump, turn around and use your mortar (Secondary fire of smg) against the wall
  3. You should be flung across the street. You need to aim for either the ramp of rubble, or the white van
  4. By hitting either of them at the right speed or angle, you should fly up into the air, up on top of the bridge and land there
  5. Kill one of the combine that hasn’t spawned yet and run past him
  6. Run to the level trigger
  7. Save and blah.

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info:

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 0:11

Segment 2: Completed: 0:06

Final Time: 0:17
Time saved from Phase 1: 0:09

Edit: Finished map.


Added save file and route demo. I’ve got a 13s, which was pretty much a 1-bullet on the plug, but I think I got to the first trigger a bit slow. I’m thinking 12 is the minimum we’ll get for this segment?EDIT: Got a better 13. I had 13.9, this is 13.4. When you watch it, note how I stop firing for no reason just after destroying the barrel. Maybe that’ll get us the .4 we need for the 12? My method is to get into the back-right corner and line up the S of my suit with one of the corners. If you try it, you’ll get which one I mean. It lets me shoot the barrel and it’s perfectly lined up to shoot the plug.EDIT2: AAGGH, 13.0! I CAN GET THIS 12! Fastest method I’ve found is rather than going around the pillar, you punt the box before the pillar at the start and just walk through the laser. It’s a bit quicker. Then when the doors explode, don’t be in a fixed spot at the back, but be basically next to the gate. Shoot the barrel and hope like hell your first bullet hits the plug, because as soon as you can, run through the gate and stop the demo. I’m so close to 12!


Got it! :smiley: 0:12. I know it’s a bit early, but I don’t think we can beat 12 really guys. I vote to move on. Obviously you guys try it and see what you can get, but I don’t think I’ll be able to improve it beyond 12.


You’ll know by friday. :slight_smile:


Typical agrees to move on, for he cannot defeat it even with his powers of TSA. Well, I’ve gotten a few more 12’s, but I really think 11 is only possible for some god or computer. waiting on CooL, though I don’t like moving on so quick, since some people may not have noticed and were wanting to run this D:I guess it’s okay though, seems it’s just us 3 running lately.


Heh. I guess so. Anyway how much health did you have at the end of your 12s? You can get 100 100 you see.


I think I had 100 94. 100 100 I guess is going to get the battery that’s in the locker? I never bothered with that. Anyway, I figured that less armour = more boost for mortar jumps, so it might be better to have less armour too :DEDIT: I got a 12.1. My fucking god :(. I didn’t end up saving it, but I’ve saved a better looking 12.4, just because it’s so hot. I think we should move on, but I’m not gonna run the second segment, I’ll keep running the first and try and get 11. I don’t think it’s possible, just because the 12.1 was so fucking perfect I can’t see .1 of an improvement, never mind .2. But I have to keep trying ¬_¬.I’ve uploaded it. It’s the exact same link as my old 12, so every link is the same, just a different save and stuff.EDIT2: I know nobody really cares much, but I just got a 12.0 for this. The 11 is so close. I SHALL HAVE IT.


0:11. This I believe might as well be 12 seconds. It’s probably the very INSTANT before it turns 12. 800 ticks. I really don’t think it’s possible to beat 11s. I’ve gotten it down to almost TASlike aiming now, it’s such a short segment, and I could do it with my eyes closed.CooL, can we move on please? :slight_smile:


No dammit. A speedrun isn’t something that should be rushed. Yeah, I get the irony.


Fair enough. Just look at it when you can, if you can improve it another second I will be VERY impressed.


Okay, CooL agreed to move on, so well done me with my 11 seconds. We’re now onto Segment 2. I have a run of it already that’s 7 seconds long. I think we can get to 6 seconds if we do it really well. If you guys can come up with a faster mortar jump or way to get up there, please tell me, but the method I use is the fastest I’ve found.


Seems like you found the winning strat. :lol: Will check how fast I can get it on Sunday.


0:06. Unless we find another method that’s faster, I don’t think this can be improved. I propose to move on, CooL agrees. Your call Tooley. I know it’s happened really quick, but I’ve been working on this since I got my 11s on the first segment and I’ve been playing this for hours trying to get the 6, so it’s not as if no work has gone into it.So yeah, your choice, obviously we wait until you confirm moving on or try to improve it :).Just as a note, if we used this segment, the total map time would be 0:17, a 9 second improvement, which brings us to having so far saved 7:11. The Phase 1 time is 47:12. 1 more second and we match 40 mins, 2 more and we’ve beaten it :).


Right. After trying out the save for the next map, I saw how stupidly hard it’s gonna be to get through that corridor quickly. So I reran it for an hour or so, and instead of killing the left combine, I killed the right hand one, which is a bit harder to kill for me, but he drops a shotgun. 0:06, with shotgun. Should make the next map a fair bit easier :slight_smile:


Okay, Typical has agreed to move on. Well done me, getting both segments of the map, we finished this map in 17 seconds guys. Phase 1 time was 26 seconds. A 9 second saving on such a short map is nothing short of incredible really :).I’ll edit the first post, then add the topic for the next map. Everyone looking forward to the gunship? :stuck_out_tongue: