Enough dicking around


Alright guys, let’s get serious here.

In the chat earlier, we discussed the Episode 2 run, and exec, Gocnak, pruno, and I have decided we’re going to start this run up again.

I’d add more, but I think this is brief enough.


Go. Plan it, and commit. DO DO DO.


Someone take a serious look at the first map.

I already told you on Skype the second map is shit unless you come up with a good reason to spend time getting the Pistol or Grenades while both can be skipped. (Unless theres a grenade strat I"m not seeing, I know of one that’s too meh for SS but probably too slow for segmented)


I hope you’ll get the routing/running started soon. Good luck with everything


Can I vote that we DON’T do a phase 1 run this time around? As we’ve proven with dwahmov, phase 1 runs are pretty useless… that said, if we’re going to completely skip it, we should spend more time on each map to allow people to find tricks and skips as we go along.


I agree. Phase 1 is useless.


Dwahmov didn’t have a phase 1, that was just some random IL grinding.

Seeing as the ‘current’ outland_01a picks up guns and explosives for NO APPARENT REASON, I’d say doing a phase 1 to see whether you actually need these damn grenades is pretty important.

Dont even want to start on health, but for dwahmov we didn’t even know what our health was going to be 2 maps in the future until people actually started bothering with it (something phase 1 should’ve covered).
If people had found town_01 skip any later we would’ve wasted a lot of time on canals_12, both in manhours (grinding out segments to have less health loss), and in ticks (possibly doing slightly slower strats to avoid such healthloss).


Gocnak and I have already founds several improvements for the first map so we’re going to start fresh and not use the segments that have already been completed. Shame… those 180 degree abh grav punts from Typical were sexy.


Are you guys using preupdate, or current version? The lack of being able to jump through displacements in current version is disturbing for the first map, so I’d hope you find a way to do the skip anywho…


Yes, we’re using preupdate.


We took a serious look at the first map… We saved 23 seconds over the old time :wink: