yeah, we said about that, putting on everyone who has supported / helped in any way, maybe putting them under headings like “testers” “runners” “other” or “support” or summit.


I agree. Runners, testers, forum people that have been helpful.It would be really cool to greet the people at valve that supported us when we had questions. (some Yahn guy)Maby a greet to David Gibbons or what name he has that made the first hl2 run.EDIT: I made some digging:Yahn Bernier - Software Development EngineerYahn was an Atlanta patent lawyer with a degree in chemistry from Harvard. So obviously he ended up in Seattle developing computer games. He taught himself to program at the age of 12 and, more recently, developed what we at Valve have called “that other level editor,” BSP. Now that he’s getting paid to make games, he figures he’ll practice law in his spare time (little does he know). Yahn worked on Half-Life’s multiplayer code and is currently hard at work on Team Fortress 2. His favorite phrase, when imbibing too freely, is "Yucca will assimilate you."So the greet would be “Yahn Bernier - Yucca will assimilate you”.:slight_smile:


Someone just compile a big list of the names in the different categories, and i think thats all you really need to do the main part of the credits.


Somebody should aswell check the old forum to find users who have the most participated and add them to the credits :slight_smile:


founders:TamaleMatthiasIIMythiknew site admin:Samppauploader:SuperJerediter:jrbbeen credited for SDA runs:David “marshmallow” GibbonsRandomEngyCyberwrathTRHChibNazChompgeaowephase 1 runners:bi0_gauss (founder?)chaboDaleLewillDownupdudeeLeFragalishusKaylml-mikemajor5013Name ]eQm[_9800_PRONezumiRTCspeCterWampa (founder?)active forum members (more than five posts):Ad&HocAquasharkDemonStratedoxliyDrunksailorhappyface_0Kiudeen1ghtHlookxeenjimsfriendwaysold forum members:Notes - he made the trick guide and did p2_d1_trainstaion_01_p1jacen (founder?) - I remember him being helpful.also, I remember there were active members like pix, BullDozer, Harry, Bomh etc.cl_interp:Martin Otten from ValveYahn Bernier from Valvejesus:Pauly :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I call REAL credits, well done m8 ! :smiley:


I want to greet “the donald duck clan” :slight_smile:


I’d like to thank my mum, dad, sister, manager, all the people who are there and have supported me, and last but not least, the general public.


Suga, you forgot Lonerville!!!He was real cool…


He’s already listed under “Runners” in the topic post :wink:


QUOTE (MaxImuS-X @ Jan 13 2006, 10:06 PM)He’s already listed under “Runners” in the topic post ;)Yeah, but I thought that Suga’s post looked like the final credits…and therefore it MUST contain Lonerville…but now I realise that Suga’s and Samppa’s post’s will join-up to create the final credits…oh well :rolleyes: Btw, there has been lots of strange things during this speed-run:Lonerville’s disappearancebandit5k’s disappearance"Pauly’s Trick" (weird…)Original HL2DQ’s shut-down…I can’t believe we’re actually beginning to see the end of this…feel’s a bit sad but at the same time exciting :slight_smile:


I imagine myself leaning back and watching the final run in one avi with a beer =) That’ll be real fun i guess.


I don’t know what happened to Lonerville, that was sort of sudden. Hopefully he just got tired of running.Bandit5k at least took the time to tell us that he couldn’t open HL2 with the new patch, but regardless of whether or not this was true, it’s obvious there was more to it than that. He probably just grew tired of running and the alibi, true or not, looked like a good escape route with minimum explanation needed. I know there was more to it than his stated problem though, because using doxilys fix would have solved his problem, and I watched him read the thread that I made about it. He left without replying to it and never posted again.I’m guessing whoever was keeping our site on their webspace got tired of their pet project.Pauly… who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


Our host wasn’t very reliable. That was really the only reason the original site died. I never really disappeared, I just lost interest after about 4 months or so of working on this project every single day for hours. I left when I felt that Maximus-X could do a better job on the project and be more dedicated than I was.But I’m proud of you guys ;)I feel like a father. haha.


more of a grandfather in my opinion.


Hey hey! I’m not that old… I’m just the only one of the founders if you will that is still around. I signed on with Tamale and Matthias way back when they setup the first site, which is long gone. Mythik was as I recall, Matthias’ roommate or friend who just ran a few maps, but that was pre phase 1 and they were just sorta test runs. Tamale was going to be the video editor, and when I met up with them, I took up the task of basically organizing phase 1. Before it got too serious, I had run almost every single map on my own and compiled a nearly complete speedrun. It was fun back in those days when the tricks were complex and not as broken. We didn’t have flying or teleporting, just gravity gun jumping. If you haven’t seen them, there are a couple older videos floating around of ravenholm that I ran a long time ago.Ravenholm Done Quick (Old school vid! At the time, this generated the MOST traffic and interest in the project):http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;3756412;;/fileinfo.htmlRavenholm Re-Run (Newer tactics, including flying, made by Shaolin, great production on this one):http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;3775865;;/fileinfo.htmlFollow Freeman Done Quick (Old school again, no flying, but this is a collaboration video done by Suga and I. Some awesome moves in this one):http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;3762822;;/fileinfo.htmlOf course, compared to the demos we have now, these videos aren’t as impressive timewise, but at least they are finished products in their own ways. They worked to attract a lot of the new school runners and fans to the project. Kind of like teaser trailers I suppose.


Yup, HL2DQ would not be what it is today without LightningX :smiley:


I’m pretty sure Valve did not make a new command for us. interp existed since HL1. I think they just pointed out a pre-existing way to fix our problem.


shouldnt we still thank them for that?