Driving home from school...


I was driving home from school. Just normal driving like always. The traffic at this one light was a bit longer than normal. I looked out the right side of my car at a guy putting down a ‘free’ sign on a pile of stuff. I was like “OMG” when i realized that pile of stuff was wooden pallets! I was like “Wow, the only think i could do with those is fly.” So the whole ride home i was thinking of making a video with me just running around pallet jumping up to the tops of buildings and things. I realized it wasnt possible for me to make such a video. Lol. I would have to be jumping on a pallet while holding the bottom of it with my hands. And i would have to have a way to “fly” me into the air. It was just a cool idea. :-P. Thought of you guys when i thought about pallet jumping :slight_smile:


You need to stay off HL2DQ :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with that impossible video - all you need to do is to brake some fundamental laws of physics…how hard can it be? :wink: And yeah, pallets are the original and best object of flying!


I’ve tried flying with a pallet in real life. It doesn’t work.


It’s easy. Just use AHK in real life =)


I spotted some pallets close to the local store. My first thought was that they might be useful. Then I realised that I played too much hl2.


Demonstrate, I warn you, don’t try to GrenadeJump IRL :lol:


Good suggestion. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:


at least bunny hopping works ^^


QUOTE Demonstrate, I warn you, don’t try to GrenadeJump IRL laugh.gifClose enough, although it seems he forgot to jump.


Bumping because this thread is fucking awesome.


never forget