Double Tripmine Boost Setup - On a Rail

Can someone explain to me the double tripmine setup (ie - where do I place the tripmines?) for the boost on “On a Rail.”

I’m referring to the boost done here (with a grenade):

Try it out and you’ll find where to place them. There is two things you need to think about when placing the tripmines. Height and positioning at the corner of the wall. You want to place the tripmines low enough to be able to jump + crouch onto them and you want to place the tripmines so you can jump from the first tripmine to the second (when on top of the first tripmine the second tripmine will probably prevent you from standing so you place the second tripmine in away so you can find a spot on the first tripmine to stand upright on). There is a ledge on the wall that you can jump up on (imagine a 3rd invisable tripmine) from the second tripmine. So you need to get the height to get there and be in a position where you can squeeze between the rail track and the wall.