Doom3 speedrun


the Doom3 speedrun is now at a time of 1:30:52 with promises from the author of lowering the time to 1:24-25.this is on Marine difficulty though :lol:the Nightmare run is in the works too (but will be slower due to the health always dropping to 25, 5 hp/sec).it’s good to see the archenemy of HL2 making progress as well in the speed running domain. :slight_smile: you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:


What type of bunnyhopping does this game have? They really fucked up Q4 IMO oppion… (Funny that 4 is also $, a sign that the game was released just to milk the Quake series (Which is the best series of games, besides $ or 4))


in D3 there’s a weird type of strafe Q4 the strafe jumping is pretty much like in Quake3 :)by the way: the Doom3 run is recorded in the french version of the game. you have been warned! :slight_smile:


i actually think valve and i.d software shoudl haev joined forces id would of done a bang - up job on ravenholm lol (half-doom-2)