Doom3 Done Quick


Doom3 Done Quick on Nightmare!! 1h:25m :ph43r:


zzz…What type of strafe jump does this game have?


Also, what do I hear “Huge Ass” in a female voice being repeated over, and over? :\


huh?? you hear what?anyway the run is awesome since on Nightmare your health always drops down 5 hp/s until 25.the author couldn’t do no fancy rocket jumping, grenade jumping and other tricks because on Nightmare the damage values are insane :)on the easy difficulty (Marine) the time should be significantly lowered while the run will be more spectacular :slight_smile:


Spectacular = Best. I love The Quake 1 speed run/s… With a Vengance is insane!!


check this out also…;/fileinfo.htmlKibumbi, the guy behind Doom3 Done Quick (Nightmare) is also running Quake4… in the level Construction Zone he skips the Mech because the level can be completed faster on foot.sounds familiar? :Dwhen he announced this he said “I have sort of managed to pull a HL2DQ on Construction zone.” :smiley:


Hahaha, I was thinking exactly that! :slight_smile:



Hahahah, ooooh. Still, its pretty wierd :slight_smile: