Don't Kill This Zombie


This killed one or two runs in the past so I decided to investigate

I would suggest just not killing him lol


The exact mechanism is still a mystery. But this works the same way as the IHD. The way you gain health from the IHD is also by standing on top of a corpse positioned near a func_door_rotating. And it turns out that the moving platform above is also a func_door_rotating. Indeed, you’ll only get killed when the platform moves, and not when it is stationary.

EDIT: After a discussion with YaLTeR, I should clarify that standing on a dead body is just one of the ways of gaining health from the IHDs, and probably not the only mechanism at play in a typical speedrun. Here, I’m standing on a grunt’s dead body, and by some quantum spookiness magically gaining health from the door and obstructing its movement without physically touching it.


Good to know, thanks for the info!


I think that goes for all NPCs of that map. Kill the scientist up top and stand on his dead body. You get killed and your dead body gets flung into the air.