Dog Cutscene Skip (with a milk carton)


I’m sure many of you are aware of the premise behind the cut-scene skip on d3_c17_02. However, I made a video just in case, showing how a milk carton is used to skip the dog cut-scene.

The milk carton is used because of it’s relative consistency with clipping. (as long as the white side of the carton is used) Also for it’s maneuverability when on top of the gate. The downside to using the carton being that, at first, wall-climbing can be difficult.

The attempt in the video is 54 seconds long, saving around 23 seconds from my normal time of around 1:17; with more time being possibly saved with a better attempt.

Again, I did not come up with this skip. I just thought I’d share the possibility of using a milk carton for clipping, as well as the time save that you can expect. Thank you.


I didn’t know this one, thanks ! If I start doing this SMG 'nade management around that section will be even trickier tho :confused:


This will be awesome for TSA runs and such.


If you wanna do this skip, which you absolutely dont have to do, you’d use a regular grenade and an smg grenade in 01, an smg nade in 02 and the last one in 05 then go through the building without double damage strats. If you don’t do the skip i think there is a chance double damage strats arent viable just based off health but im not sure.


Here’s the same skip but using a grenade instead.

With the grenade, you start the clip normally and then save-load 7 or 8 times until you are about level with the red mark on the wall. You then toss the grenade into the corner. Now you have to save-load uncrouched until you are through the gate. Since you are clipping at a downward angle, uncrouching ensures that you clip down less. The grenade also needs to stay relatively in the corner in order to work, otherwise you won’t get enough horizontal force.


damn rama not only made a canals skip but also indirectly helped create these skips. lol

but good find, nonetheless


Yeah, where are my royalty checks?


You get three SMG nades from prison_07 in the little room next to the turrets.

In other news, holy shit I need to to try this in a run.