Dog can be teleported, c17_02...

#1…mp_dog_tele.rarDon’t know if people know this but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it in any other demo. Sorry if this is old.I just tele him once to test it out… :unsure:


Yeah, in the…hp?showtopic=78topic, it has a video of that Pauly guy, and in his run, he teleports Dog in a non-‘object on head’ method, buy pre-triggering the triggers for him to do actions. You can physically see dog teleport in the video. If we can’t figure out his way, there are 2 parts, right after dog throws the first car, and after dog is done tumbling the combine car, that will be useful to teleport him to the next spot.


Nice find, but I have no idea of how pauly does it.Maby it was a original release bug in hl2 that got patched.


There is 3 scripted sequences taht you can activate with some info I’ll disclose later on… ATM i am trying my hardest to figuring out exactly how I did that. it was sooo long ago. I need to first get out my old comptuer and I have a bunch and bunch of other demos of me making the runs some faster some slower.

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