Does anyone have ANY idea what happened?


So, my poor strats aside. for some reason, i managed to end up spawned in clear outside of the map. Like INSANELY outside of the map. And i am absolutely without any idea as to why this happened.


Don’t even ask me m9! XD


I’ve done that before… but definitely not in the elevator. Back when I was first discovering how to use OOB to make routes for the game, one thing that kept happening between escape_00 and escape_01 is that I would enter the portal in such a way that it would not spawn me… LIGHT FUCKING BULB.

Wow. I just think I put 2 & 2 together. So this video:

Shows that you can do a AAG/LAG without an angled portal. But, it does show that it happens while OOB. The shot that he makes in this video is a similar to my shots I would make in transitioning from escape_00 and escape_01 while OOB.

In this, I would hit the ‘load map’ trigger, but once the map would load, I would be at a completely different place on the map, and with no portal gun; exactly as what happened to you in your video. And, I was able to repeat it. At the time, it was a severe hindrance to my run. At the time, I thought it was a map transition glitch because I was transitioning maps OOB, and I hadn’t discovered AAG yet.

I’ve made a video explaining what I mean:

Edit: Also, you can see how I originally had my escape_00 to escape_01 route set up, but changed it eventually to be simpler:

Edit 2: Szeimartin:
Szeimartin: I tried to replicate this in the last few days
Szeimartin: no luck though


So at first I thought that you where hitting the loading sequence then spawning in at the position of your blue portal which was way outside of the map. But after looking further I realized you didn’t even change maps. I’m going to try to get a similar setup to what you had and tinker with it.

If you’d like to assist when I work on it my steam is infernoux or something similar. And when I do toy with it I’ll stream to my twitch. (Infernouxofficial)

Edit: after further thinking it over how is this aag or lag when the actions to cause the glitch are nothing alike? I mean it’s not even an angled surface is it? I think valve knew angled surfaces where buggy so they only added in very few of them. I still need to look further and see how it behaves.

Edit 2: I also think my glitch is totally different. With the fact that I was neither entering/leaving or existing in a portal at the time I doubt it was aag or lag unless some how the ele or my model ended up angled and its being angled affected my changing maps.

Edit 3: got a massive virus. Might not be able to work on it for a few hours. Can’t even use chrome right now.

Edit: after further thinking it over how is this aag or lag when the actions to cause the glitch are nothing alike? I mean it's not even an angled surface is it? I think valve knew angled surfaces where buggy so they only added in very few of them. I still need to look further and see how it behaves.

I have no real experience with how aag/lag work, but it is possible to do some variant of the glitch without an angled portal.

I did this in the mod Portal Pro, but the glitch mechanics ought to be exactly the same as the regular game. Maybe it can help find out what’s going on?


I run Oob. I have no first hand experience with how lag works either. Demonstrate. My pc is still busted. Can you move the portal you’re not entering to another location and see if you end up at the same spot? That seems to have an affect on LAG.


From my video’s comments:

I tested this a little bit and it seems different from the angle glitches. What seems to happen is that you trigger the level change but you go through the portal as well so you end up in whereever your other portal was, which is often out of bounds because there isn’t a whole lot of overlap between the levels. Unfortunately if you were to teleport anywhere that would be useful for a speedrun you would almost certainly lose your portal gun.

This also works on timed level loads, for example you can place a portal under an elevator and the other one somewhere else and then activate the elevator to go up and right before the level changes go through the portal that is under the elevator. The timing is really precise so it can be difficult to replicate but it’s doable.


That’s what I thought was happening. But when I looked at your video it was like you where being teleported around the map without the level change. Idk. I may be clueless. But tyronis’s experience with it sure made me want to toy around some more.

Damn I have so many questions


what if you could have one portal at the bottom of the elevator shaft, and one out of bounds behind the elevator and do this glitch? then you would start the next map out of bounds, possibly with a portal gun maybe


I don’t think you can land portals on the back of eles, can you?

And if you can, is it rta applicable? I’ll still need to toy around with this stuff.

Edit: I couldn’t recreate my glitch. Disappointed. But I couldn’t do it.

Demonstrate, it was correct that you where hitting the loading sequence and landing where your other portal was when it loaded. It may be usable but I doubt it. I don’t think any two maps overlap.

And midnight, its impossible I think. I’ve tried it a couple times and have been fruitless. Sorry.

And tyronis, I have no idea what causes that glitch. No fucking clue. Idk if its even applicable for anywhere in portal. Still a cool ass glitch though.

Edit 2: can’t screw around with it anymore tonight. The virus I thought I fixed got attached to my bios and fucked over my whole pc. Reinstalling windows as we speak.


Thank you midnight.

So… Any progress?


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All I want to say is… last time something crazy like this happened to me in Portal while I was speedrunning, I discovered the steam glitch. So, that changelevel warp, I feel has potential.


Idk. We’d need a spot it overlaps


Tested this on the day Demonstrate made the video and you do teleport behind the elevator in the next map but you lose your portal gun. Even if you were to keep your portal gun, it would be slower for segmented(one shot more than with clipping glitch) and it would be too precise to do in RTA/SS as it’s tick perfect.

I tried messing with different spots near the elevator shaft but none worked so I’m fairly convinced that it won’t be useful anywhere in 11/12-18. The maps without the dual portal gun seem like it wouldn’t work either as you can’t control where the orange would be placed and you’d just end up oob in the next map. The escape maps I’m not sure about.

This is what the route would look like if you could keep your portal gun. The current clipping glitch route uses only three portals to get under the elevator whereas this would use four. If you could somehow fire a portal straight under the elevator without peeking, you could skip one of the shots which would still make it as fast as the clipping glitch. This route would also have problems of getting items for fake reloading, so the clipping glitch route would be better even if you could make the shot count equal.


The escape maps are very linear, so I don’t think this would be useful anywhere there unfortunately, unless there’s an oob surface with a cube in it we could shoot, then it might be useful. I don’t currently have time to toy around with it, so if anyone else wants to please do.


I know the one on 19 won’t work. I know the location of that one. Idk about anything after that.


To add onto this, the level change version works when the portal near the level change trigger is on a wall. Also in this case you have to enter the portal compared to if you portal above the level change trigger, in which case exiting the portal triggers the level change as well. This also means that you can do it on any of the escape maps. The OoB routes in e00 actually use this trick.


So, I had something similar, but possibly caused by something different: Demos

The only thing that I can think could have happened would be that saving very late caused this. As I pressed my save bind, the level changed. My listdemo isn’t working, so I’m unable to check how close this occured, but hopefully someone can work out why this happened.