Do we really need a child board?

It would justify its purpose if this board was literally full of threads which were making it hard to find the current topic but I’ve never had that problem before. Thoughts? Justifications?

Yes. Yes we do.

Well justified.

Indeed it was.

I find it somewhat annoying having to go through extra stages just to reach the forum in which we post the most. I say we skip the child board, and instead we simply sticky the threads we think are the most important.

I don’t know about stickying them. Don’t forget there are only like two maximum three threads active on one board at one time around here. It would be alright just having it loose on the board. It’s not like this thread for example is going to sink to page 2 overnight.

My only thought is that when we actually get into the run, we’ll have a bunch of topics that are officially for the run, one for each map obviously. I think it’d look much better if we have them all in the one area, then random ep2 discussions can be outside in the regular board

Yeah, but still… Just like that typical dude said, the active threads, and thus the relevant threads would never disappear from the top of the page. I mean, when we’re done with a segment I find it hard to believe we’ll post more in that thread, and thus it would slowly sink into oblivion, whilst the thread for the current map would stay on the top.

I can see though what you mean, and I have to admit I also have a soft-spot for categorizing and sub-dividing things into neat little categories. However, in this case I don’t think it will be necessary.

Indeed. The reason for categorising threads is because they would be easier to find and therefore faster. I’ve never had a problem finding threads here. EVER. This means that the child board kind of loses it’s need for making thread finding accurate. In fact the extra board just makes things slower as it’s just another step for everyone to have to do.

Something alike was discussed on the Yahoo! Answers last week, i can share a link if you want some

It would make more sense if there was multiple things that were to do with Ep2 that needed to be categorised because it’s a nightmare looking through like 50 threads to find stuff about grenade jumping for example. However there’s a search button and also there’s never 50 threads that active. You usually find what you’re looking for at the top 10 threads of each board. :slight_smile: