Do I need a copy of Half life to use NGHL?


So I was just wondering if you needed a legit copy of Half Life to use NGHL, because I had downloaded NGHL and when I tried starting a level, the game would just crash immediately, I don’t know if it was the place I downloaded it or if it was me needing a copy of the game, I would really appreciate it if someone could fill me in on what I’m wondering :smiley:


You don’t need steam or any half life purchases for NGHL. Was there an error code? Did you try other maps? What OS are you running? 64bit or 32bit? Did you try compatibility mode? But most importantly, what are your video settings? You could always try OpenGL or Direct3D.


No there was no error code, I worded it wrong, the game would load normally and when it got to the first level, it would show the credits but the credits would be in black and I could hear the audio of the game, I’m running windows 10 64 bit.


That sounds really strange? Is your brightness at 0? lol Maybe all of the textures are not being loaded. Try running as admin; Make sure the whole NGHL folder is read/write.