Discord banned for spamming in #spam

Hi. Some months ago I was banned from the sourceruns discord. It happened right after I copy/pasted some of Alyx’s dialogue in the #spam channel because I was frustrated with the RLD skip. I am 99% sure that this is why I was banned. Please unban me.

For the record I do have two Discord accounts but I never use the old one and I am not trying to evade a ban. I have not posted in the discord on any account after the ban. I can prove this to an admin privately.

Thanks stay fast

Uh, we don’t have a #spam channel.

Then it was #random or something. Don’t remember the name. It was the spammiest channel I could find. Would you like me to find the exact date?

#random is for discussions unrelated to anything SourceRuns such as games, news, etc… Finding it “the spammiest channel” isn’t a reason to post spam in it.

As such though copy/pasting some of Alyx’s voice lines shouldn’t be worthy of a ban, unless you copied a massive script of her lines.

Sorry. It was kinda dumb. I posted one line about ten times.

I probably got banned by an auto mod.

Who banned me and how long am I banned for?

Can someone please bring this to the attention of a moderator?

I’ve removed your ban because no one was entirely sure about the details of the ban anymore, and you seem interested in being part of the community again.