Different ways of bunnyhopping?


I want to learn speedrunning portal 2, so I looked at some tutorials for bunnyhopping.
I’m not sure, but to me it looked like there are two ways of bunnyhopping:

One way is to jump, strafe left, jump and strafe right (as shown in this tutorial)
Another way is to jump and strafe left and right in the air before landing and jumping again (as shown in this tutorial)

Is one way better than the other, or is it just personal preference?
(sorry for any mistakes in my English)


When going on a straight line, switching strafe direction is faster (the method show on the 2nd vid). But when going around corners or just turning the first way is better. But the difference is minimal so you can just do what ever suits you.


ok, thanks for your help


Znernicus has a highlight on twitch where he talks about different bunnyhop techniques, you might find it useful. http://www.twitch.tv/znernicus/c/5104004


They’re both the same. Jump to maintain speed and strafe to gain speed.