Differences Between NGHL and WON


It all depends on what your goal is. The WON version is automatically capped to 100fps (except for in Blue Shift where it’s capped to 72) but has uncapped bunnyhop speed and Steam version has uncapped fps but capped bunnyhop. NGHL has both uncapped fps and bhop but is an unofficial build. So does Bunnymod Pro.

You are obviously free to do as you wish. The only case in which there are rules in place is if you want to submit to the leaderboards for single-segment/real time attack runs. In order for a run to be accepted there, you must either use an official version (WON or Steam), or if you want to use NGHL or Bunnymod/other mod you need to replicate the traits of one of the official versions so that you’re not combining the features. The most popular way at the moment is to use NGHL or Steam with Bunnymod Pro installed as a separate mod, then set your fps_max to 100 to replicate what the WON version is capable of. Of course in Bunnymod Pro there is also an option to play with capped bunnyhop speed (see here for commands), which would mean you could use however much fps as you want; replicating what the Steam version is capable of.

Bunnymod Pro is a mod that can be installed to NGHL or Steam. NGHL is a non-steam build that runs as it’s own client.

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Thanks, leaderboard rules seem the most interesting.
Does NGHL have any benefit over Bunnymod Pro or the other way around and what is acheived by installing Bunnymod Pro to NGHL, is NGHL not able to uncap bhop-speed by itself?

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NGHL is the base. Think of Bunnymod Pro as an add-on to what’s already there. Bunnymod Pro has many features that aren’t available in the standard NGHL client (see the features list in the wiki page I linked). As for the uncapped bhop speed, the answer to your question is here:


NGHL is an engine build. Bunnymod Pro is a mod. Mods run on an engine. A mod can run on different engine builds, for instance Bunnymod Pro can run on both NGHL and the most recent Steam engine build. Where do I have to say this so that people notice, understand and stop treating NGHL as a mod?


Thanks for clearing things up, are there any other differences between NGHL and the Steam version aside from uncapped bhop speed that might give it an advantage?

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There aren’t really any real major differences AFAIK, some people would say NGHL runs better. Bunnymod Pro removes the speedcap from the Steam version so that’s not a problem.


There are two minor differences between NGHL and Steam that I can think of:

  • Steam allows unlimited frame rate while NGHL caps it at 1000 fps. With unlimited frame rate you can gain health much faster from the Infinite Health Door.[/li]
  • Ducking while climbing ladders is supposed to be slower on Steam. For example, the maximum climbing speed while ducking is 400 ups in NGHL, but it is 133.2 ups in Steam. But if you use the current version of Bunnymod Pro on Steam then this will no longer apply.


The differences in the FPS cap and whatnot are the differences between engine versions (NGHL and Steam). The differences in movement (bhop cap, ladder speed, quickgauss) are the differences between the game (mod) versions - Half-Life that comes with NGHL (HLSDK 2.3) and Half-Life that comes with the Steam version (latest HLSDK on valve’s github, or very close to that).