Demo uploader


Check out thanks to SuperJer!The file size limit is now 8,000,000 bytes.


up the filesize to 4Mb, it would be really nice.


Pity about the limit, but i noticed you can upload large files as multipart RARs for the time being. Here’s one I did earlier:…1m54s.part1.rar…1m54s.part2.rarJust tell WinRAR to split the demo file into multiple RAR volumes of < 3 million bytes, or whatever the max filesize is in reality.


Thanks a lot for allowing bigger filesize!


The uploader is back! in case people start making demos out of Ep1, which to me looks somewhat not likely… but still. Hope?


You never know. Chomp seems desperate to do a run.


Go Chaw-omp! Go Chaw-omp! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! :frowning: I’m sorry.


Im in as well. I’ve been checking out c17_02b and -> quite a lot. Just cannot demo.

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