Demo Statistics Tracking


After the run is done, and the video making is in-progress, we might want to have a Statistics section in the credits - total jumps, health gained, total health loss and stuff like that. Unfortunately, there’s no tool for tracking all this stuff, so I kindly ask you if you could help me out on counting everything.

Just load the demo and start counting the jumps, health loss and everything. Fill in everything in GDocs Time Sheet Statistics Tab.

If we work together, we will speed up the whole tracking process, and you wont have to wait for me to count all the stats once the run is done :slight_smile:

Thank you!


well that could be pretty epic!
but counting every jump during the speedrun :o


You’re talking about hl2wahmov right?
Well i’d love to help with that, but i thought the run was still very far from being completed, am i wrong?


Yeah, but doing it as we progress will make it easier when we get to the end


If you want to count jumps, I suggest you start with TS03

Good luck.

I’ll keep track of the objects broken thing.


Counting jumps won’t be THAT hard. You can always just slow the demo, even though it will take longer.
Does jumps like ramp-jumps count, where you ‘jump’ multiple times without getting any air? Oh boy, that’s going to take a long time…


Of course, counting every jump in the run looks insane, but if we do it as we progress trough the level (counting jumps of each demo once we move on to the next segment), it will only take few minutes for each demo.

And yes, we have to count those ramp jumps, but not slopejumps, since we don’t jump off of the slope - we mostly bounce from it.

I’ve also got a sick idea - counting the time spent in mid-air and on ground. What do you think about that!? :smiley:


counting how many enemies were killed? at least every enemy what you can count


You can just add any statistic you want to the statistics page and keep track of it yourself.

Airtime % would be cool, not sure how you’re gonna keep track of that though.


What about flying? You jump hundreds of times doing a flight


We have to do everything manually, time spent in mid-air should be easy too with demoui. Just gotta see @ what second the player is in midair, and when he lands.

We can track jumps from flying/wallclimbing manually too. I know there are lots of jumps, but we can play the demo in slowmotion, which will make counting jumps like that a lot easier. You just gotta listen for a jumping sound.


I’m planning to have similar stats in HL22. rofi’s crowbar run was the first run that I saw had this. And it is really sweet.

Time spent in air was a good one. The game is pretty much a non-stop bunny track.
Health lost will also be really cool in HL22 due to the health-door.

I was planning stuff like:
shots fired
enemies killed
health lost

Any more ideas?


Funny, but rofi’s credits inspired to track Statistics too.

In DWaHMoV we are tracking the number of Objects Broken, and I think you should do it for hl22 too, if you’re going to break crates for health and ammo.
Also, why not include something like - Alleys used? Would be nice to see how many scientists and barneys helped you to complete the game quickly :slight_smile:

That’s all I came up with now, but if I think of something really cool, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


What i thought of so far:

• maximum speed reached at any point (maybe say what normal/sprinting speed is so people understand just how fast it is)
• how much ammo collected so that the near perfect planning gets the credit it deserves
• total health gathered for the same reason
• how many enemies actually made you lose hp (that will probably be very low since most enemy damage is took on purpose)

I think it’s pointless to count airtime in hl1 since hops are a fraction of a second touching the ground so most of ground time will be nihilanth battle or waiting sequence, and you might plan to hop around pointlessly during wait times too to keep it entertaining


Not sure about objects broken. It’s not as widely used as in hl2.
Allies is a good one though. Plenty of barneys and scientists will be used. Or to be more precise; abused.
Health gathered/lost is good too. Like 5000 hp gathered, 4975 boost dmg, 25 dmg caused by enemies.
Ammo collected doesn’t tell if the planning was good or not. Amount of explsoves used could be seen in the damageboost counting.
I think it would be pretty interesting to know that 87% of the run was spent in air.

Maybe selfgauss and wallgauss will be plenty enough to count as well.