demo recording


hi, how can i record demos at the very beginning of a map, so that there is no millisecond between starting and recording ?i tried to write record in the autoexec.cfg, but it didnt work :frowning: any other way ?


Bind a button to record your demo and press it while the map says ‘Loading’. Then itll start recording once the map is loaded.


thanx :wink:


That’s how we do it :wink: BTW (kind of off-topic but I’ve been thinking of this for a while):If anybody knows a way to load a game and start a recording directly after the game has loaded, could you let me know? I’ve tried using “load” and “wait” but I haven’t managed to create a Load+Record bind - any console hackers out there?


maybe with a macro wich permanently presses the record button, the demos wont be overwritten untill stop will be pressed, but then it will record again and the demo will be deleted so the stop button has to prevent the record button simulator from simulating befor stop will be called.very difficult :wink: