Demo Recording Script


Hey, I was bored today, and I figured I might as well write a script for demo recording. What it basically does is make some aliases, so that every time you scroll down (or you can change it to press a button) it will start recording a demo. Then when the demo is to your liking, you press another button and it will switch the recording bind to a new demo for the same button.For example, you press the button and begin recording to demo0, you go through a couple of times, re-loading your game and recording a few more times until you’re satisfied. Then, you press your other button and it will switch to recording demo1. Then you press your bind again and it will start recording demo1 constantly. This supports all the way to demo9, which, along with demo0, gives you 10 demos. At the end of this, it will loop back around and begin recording demo0 again.CODE alias currentdemo "demo0"alias demo0 "record demo0"alias demo1 "record demo1"alias demo2 "record demo2"alias demo3 "record demo3"alias demo4 "record demo4"alias demo5 "record demo5"alias demo6 "record demo6"alias demo7 "record demo7"alias demo8 "record demo8"alias demo9 "record demo9"bind mwheeldown “currentdemo” // Change this bind if you want. This will bind your mousewheeldown to record the demosbind kp_plus “demoswitch” // Change this bind if you want. This will bind your keypad plus to switch the demo to be recorded.alias demoswitch "switch0"alias switch0 "alias currentdemo demo1; alias demoswitch switch1"alias switch1 "alias currentdemo demo2; alias demoswitch switch2"alias switch2 "alias currentdemo demo3; alias demoswitch switch3"alias switch3 "alias currentdemo demo4; alias demoswitch switch4"alias switch4 "alias currentdemo demo5; alias demoswitch switch5"alias switch5 "alias currentdemo demo6; alias demoswitch switch6"alias switch6 "alias currentdemo demo7; alias demoswitch switch7"alias switch7 "alias currentdemo demo8; alias demoswitch switch8"alias switch8 "alias currentdemo demo9; alias demoswitch switch9"alias switch9 "alias currentdemo demo0; alias demoswitch switch0"Tbh, I could probably have made it a little more efficient, but it works perfectly.To use it, put it in a text file and save that file in your episodic/cfg folder, save it as demorecord.cfg or something similar. I also created an autoexec.cfg and putCODE exec demorecord.cfgThis means that every time you start up Episode 1, it will execute the config for you.Hope I covered everything.Reply if you have any questions.