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but i dowloaded the domos from the hl:scource DQ thread and when i clicked on them this error came up:(sorry 4 the quality)do u know wats wrong? do i need to put them in steamapps like a mod or something i also dont have internet on my computer (im using my mums) and it wont let me play hl2 cause it needs updates(but i can play lost coast and hl:source) can u tell me what im doing wrong.


You can’t start demos by simply clicking on them, you need to start the demo through the console in HLSource.Well I think you need to update HLS, but I’m not sure of that…try doing this anyway:Download a HLSource demo and put it in this folder:C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps[YOUR_STEAM_NAME]\half-life source\hl1 (might look a bit different if Steam is not installed on C: or the Valve-folder is not located directly under C:)Obviously “[YOUR_STEAM_NAME]” is your what your Steam profile is called, like “NoDeath” or something I guess.When you have put a HLSource demo in there start HLSource and enable the console:Start Steam go to “My Games” and right-click on Half-Life: Source select “Create Desktop Shortcut”. Then right-click on the desktop shortcut and select “Properties”. In the “shortcut”-properties there should be a line of text at “Target”, add this at the end of the text:" -console" (WITH the space between, WITHOUT the “”)Start HLSource and enable the console in Options->Keyboard->Advanced options->“Enable developer console” (if there is still no console press ~, it’s left of the 1-key, above Tab)Then write this in the console: demoUIThen click on “Load” and select a demo (it should be there if you put the demo in the correct folder).Then Play the demo.Let me know if there are any problems with this…I’ll be glad to help you :wink:


thanks a lot! this really helps. tho im curious how do i make my own demos.thanks again.


QUOTE (NoDeath @ Apr 24 2006, 01:20 PM)thanks a lot! this really helps. tho im curious how do i make my own demos.thanks again.To make your own demo:-Start HLSource-Write this in the console:record XXXX = the name of the demo, if you want to call the demo NoDeath you simply writerecord NoDeath(note that the name isn’t important, it’s just so you can find the demo when it’s complete).To stop the demo once it’s done write this in the console:stopnow you have a complete demo!In speed-running we use binds like this (write this in the console):bind F1 "record Test1"bind F4 "stop"This binds F1 to record the demo “Test1” and binds F4 to stop the demo, you can bind pretty much any button with the bind-command. I currently have F1 to F8 bound to “record” and F9 as stop)Hope this helps :wink:

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