Demo commands


I need to know a bit more about how Source Engine demos work. Specifically, what they record to the demo file, and how you can manipulate the demo files, such as combining them, or splicing them. Any other info about demo files would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Uhh. You’ve probably found out by now. :stuck_out_tongue: Demo files record the place that you start recording and other information like that (movement speed where you were looking etcetera). From this it then record your specific input like moving left, right, forward, jumping, ducking, shooting to produce exactly what you did when you recorded the demo.So basically when you watch a demo you’re watching a computer play exactly as you did. Obviously it’ll load the same map you played on, it’ll activate the triggers the same time as when you did, enemies movements and other things are recorded as well so if you were shot when you were recording then you will be shot in the demo.I think that’s pretty much what demo’s do. Strangely, no matter how insane your input is it will never compete with the computer having to take 30 high quality pictures and then save them. (Well in theory :wink: )


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