Deep Down in 5:25


Deep Down in 5:25 done in 65 segments over the course of 3 days.

I used AHK scripts for jumping and ladderspeeding.

The game freaks out a bit when I leave alyx behind so it teleports her to me and spawns an extra alyx just to be safe, that’s why there’s 3 alyxs at 3:00 :stuck_out_tongue:



I remember looking into this mod before saveload was discovered, it seemed like it had really good potential for a speedrun but I didn’t know how you could skip that forcefield near the beginning (where you use saveload), so thats really nice to see that part being destroyed, haha!

How long did it take you to make this speedrun?


3 days (1 routing 2 running)


REALLY good run, enjoyed it greatly. Some pretty nice skips you had there.


Sourceruns, Ignoring cars since 2012.

Great run btw.


This is a very nice run, some excellent ABH sections.

Good job.


Well done. I actually routed this mod a while ago but never got around to running it. I planned on skipping the first forcefield with a save/load as well as the section where you shoot the barrels with the rocket launcher. Your routes look faster though. The launch at the start of the second map is really nice.

One thing I found was that you could start opening the first metal door before picking up the gravity gun and then quickly punt the wooden thing out of the way(if you don’t the game softlocks).


Yeah I was going to use save/loading in those places as well, the strats I used instead where pretty much last minute finds before I started running.

I didn’t think it was possible to open the metal door first without soft-locking.


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It’s always nice to get some recognition :slight_smile: