DECAY19 - Half-Life: Decay segmented in 19 minutes


This is a compilation of the current best times for every level in the third-party PC remake of Half-Life: Decay, beating the old run (Half-Life: Decay Done Double Quick) by 7 minutes and 8 seconds.

Other than for the changebug (flying) trick, no script/tool assistance is used.

Download (720p60)

Performed by PJC and Elgu.

Old stuff:

Recently me and Elgu have been playing alot of the co-op Half-Life expansion, Decay (PC port). Starting out playing just for fun and seeing if we could beat a few of the level times from Half-Life Decay Done Double Quick without the intention of making any sort of 'big' project in mind, we very quickly began to find alot of route improvements, as well as some pretty major skips.

Due to us having now found almost 7 minutes worth of timesaves over HLDDDQ, we’ve decided to compile all of our level runs into a new ‘segmented’ run.

The only level left to finish now is Hazardous Course (dy_hazard), then we’ll be doing a final review of all of the segments to check for any clear improvements available. When the run is rendered we’ll be submitting it to the SourceRuns YouTube channel.


For some sort of ‘teaser’, you can check out our ‘No Changebug’ ILs which are improvements on the runs that quad & coolkid did of the same style:

Resonance (dy_dampen) -
Crossfire (dy_focus) -


hey I know someone who could he[font=impact]lp with decay

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7 minutes? Holy shit


We found atleast 2 new strats and re-did 2 maps: dy_accident2 and dy_hazard. The current total time is 19:36. But we’ll still look into dy_dorms to see if we can save a second or 2.


It’s done. Saved an extra 16 seconds in dy_focus thanks to a new spawn warp route found by Freechips & Dire_wolf.

Final time: 19:20



Video when?


I was hyped to see the “press e to activate broken pipe” strat in action but I guess not :frowning:


That strat is still in there :slight_smile:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Are you going to upload two separate POVs, or one split screen? (All three?)


Just a single split screen. The render is done and should be released on the SR channel some time early next month.



This segmented run is so great, congrats Elgu_ and PJCTV


New Surface Call time: 02:08 - faster than D19 by 4 seconds:

The main difference here is that we lowered the framerate from the very beginning where Rosenberg turns to open the gate, however I’m not entirely sure if that’s the only thing that caused us to save 4 seconds because we also messed with the door opening quite a bit and so this method might differ slightly.


Replace the links please.


Unfortunately the spreadsheet got unintentionally deleted when I wiped my Google Drive :frowning:

I’ll probably remake it as well as re-upload the downloadable video at some point soon™.