Deathless save deletion?


So I was watching Noir stream the other day, and I realized that he does save deletion without dying. How does that work? Is he actually killing himself or what happens?




Will try to find one.


reload in console…


Is that allowed in real runs?



Well then. Is there such a post for portal as well? Aside from the q/a that is


Save deletion doesn’t work in Portal I believe. But there is some Portal info over at . I can’t remember if there’s any formal rules documentation.


It does. And I have a strat that uses it. I just need to know if I can /kill


You’re not supposed to use reload or kill or any console commands for save deletion, this was all said in a news post several months ago.


That makes sense. You know what command also does something similar to save deletion? Restart.



proof it does.
for some reason I cant recreate it now though. Like idk what was up there but when i perform those same steps now i end up getting kicked back to the start screen. I’m going to redownload unpack and see if i can do it again.

Now i really want to know if its allowed or not. Like seriously?

And if using a command for save deletion is okay why isnt /restart? or setting up a macro to do save deletion for you?

save quick; wait 50; delete quick; wait 50; kill


We’ve gone through this like million times. There should be old threads. Also read the one I linked


I don’t think there’s a ruling on whether save deletion is allowed or not in Portal but in HL2 and the episodes it’s allowed. Reload is allowed as well, the commands that are allowed are listed in the rules post. If you want to use it in Portal I’d recommend asking someone that is an active mod on the leaderboards.


What the fuck, wasn’t literally everyone opposed to using reload/kill though? There was a poll and everything?


this seems like a good time to ask YaLteR


Yes there was a poll and reload/kill was allowed as a result of it. Not sure how this is a surprise to anyone, I guess no one actually read the rules post lol.