DAYLIGHT in 2:40


Done in 27 segments on pre-update ep2.

Uses scripts.


Oh wow. It amazes me how you can make such great speedruns in such a small amount of time.

Well, if you ever start working on a bigger project (more time taken to optimize, that is :D), we’ll gladly accept it to be uploaded on the SourceRuns youtube channel, unless you want to keep uploading to your own :slight_smile:


awesome! Nice run!


Wow, with an offer like that I think I can squeeze in a little extra effort in the future :slight_smile:


Agreed, really entertaining and well made run!

That 360p though… Hurts my eyes!

EDIT: Oh woops, never mind. I must have been fast to notice the thread.


That manhack wallclimb against a cylindrical pillar on such low health wasn’t good for my heart… I knew that you’d make it after all, but i couldn’t help but cringe because I realize what a pain in the ass that segment must have been.


That was very entertaining to watch, awesome job.


Rama, how did you get a mod to work on a preupdate?

also very nice run, runs like these should definitely be uploaded to the SR channel


I just moved the maps over.


There’s a few things you can do in the preupdate oob. If you spam duck it multiplies your speed by about 1.5(which doesn’t show in cl_showpos). There’s a command Yalter made in SPT called +y_spt_duckspam which spams duck every other tick, which is of course very useful for this trick. You can also abuse the fact that if you save/load while you’re crouched you go down by about 18 units, you can abuse this to do many ABHs in quick succession.


Oh I just realised… is the getpos thing in SPT a workaround for cl_showpos not working?