DayHard in 8:45


I couldn’t find any runs of this mod so I decided to make one. It’s done in 14 segments and is my first full-game run and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Timed from the moment I gain control to the moment I lose it (with a few seconds added to compensate for frames lost between segments)


For being your first run, this is pretty good!

However there seemed like there were times where you could have optimized the movement a bit more (I don’t know about routes in general because I haven’t ever played the mod), and there were some major FPS drops at times which was quite annoying, and you could have cut out the console popups for smoother continuity in segmenting. But it was your first run so it’s not like everything should be perfect the first time around obviously.

All in all a nice run, well done!


Thanks for the feedback.
I did try to edit out the console popups with movie maker but for some reason it didn’t work, they where gone in the preview but when you saved the movie they where still there so I guess I should get a better movie editor.
I originally wanted to record demos but since It’s an sdk 2006 mod the shaking was real to say the least so I ended up using shadowplay.


Agree with D4rw1N that there could be more optimization in the movement, using more segments makes that a lot easier. Other than that, a neat run with some really cool tricks.

For video editing I’d recommend Sony Vegas, I believe it’s what most people here use. If not, try out Adobe Premiere instead. Movie Maker is terrible :slight_smile:


Looks like a neat mod, and a pretty neat run. Nice work.


Ooooohh you poor soul… Movie Maker is pure evil.

If you want to get into video editing at all, I would definitely recommend Adobe Premiere. Sony Vegas is decent as well. But whatever you do, you REALLY should leave Movie Maker for some other editing software ASAP.


Ya, Premiere is really nice. On the other hand, Vegas has a simplier interface, I guess it’s more suitable for beginners, but it also tends to crash a lot during editing and encoding.


I use Vegas, it’s good for frame by frame video editing, it’s got a pretty simple video renderer layout as well.