Day of Defeat Source: Strand Wall Glitch


(I have been told to remove this thread from the map maker)


That’s what the Source engine is all about. You probably already knew this, but DaleLewill completed Gonarch’s Lair in 27 seconds on HL:S.QUOTE Gonarchs Lair (the chapter) can be done in 27seconds in HLS though, that’s 1minute faster than Spider-Waffle. Though vertical explosion-boost is close to none. This means nade-boosting would be used more as speed-boosts than jump-boosts. I can’t really play HLS these days but I bet there are A LOT of shortcuts removed (especially comparing to Spider-Waffles run).


Hmm. It seems i’ve “been told” to keep hush hush.Edit: To DemonstratePlease do not post any more detailed descriptions of map exploits.If you have any further findings, please send them directly to the mapper, Dustin Diamond. I have forwarded your observations to date.Valve didn’t make Strand, it’s a custom map. And CAMP1 isn’t an official map pack, it’s a custom pack made by members of the community that has been kindly advertised by Valve.Thank youRosie the RiveterModerator


Interesting. I don’t have DoD: Source, so I can’t really experiment, but can this be done anywhere else besides this map?:o


I believe its in the engine. Its usually referred to as an “acute angle exploit”. I bet you could find places in HL2 that would do this. I think ill go check it out.Actually: I think its more like the same engine variant as HL:Source’s because you can do that ladder exploit where you jump really high at the top of the ladder, that someone in the forums here found out about awhile ago.


Yeah, that would’ve been me if you’re refering to where you basically spam jump/crouch to fly up the ladder.


Okay. I found out… ITS A GLITCH IN THE ENGINE! These are the requirements:1. Acute angle to a wall.2. Area outside of the wall exists (aka, if you noclip to it and it says “Cannot find the world”, this glitch will not work)3. You can easily spam jump crouch.Thats it. Now look for places to glitch into! I know i will.I have already found a spot in Counter-Strike Source where it works.