Hi, I’m Daschinia. I speedrun Portal, the nice 2d ASCII version. Actually I don’t even speedrun it, I only TAS’d it. I hope that’s enough source and run for SourceRuns.



Hello and welcome! :slight_smile: Nice TAS! So AutoHotkey doesn’t desync that much?


You can actually buffer a lot of inputs in ASCII p0rtal, that made it easier for me. The timing for short delays is done by sending keys to look into different directions, takes up a little bit of time for every key. Longer waiting or stuff like going through a portal is timed by using the sleep command, because of that the script is not 100% consistent, sometimes it is 1 tile off, however as the run is that short that’s not a big deal. I guess it would be possible to get rid of the sleep command by always using key presses or doing calculations, searching for images or whatever. After the first 15 or so chambers I already had a pretty good feeling for the timing so most of it worked out as planned right away. By the way I have played nearly no chamber myself, the TAS was my first playthrough.

The easiest chambers were 5(sendplay {right 28}{left}{down}{up}{right 14}) and 14(sendplay {right 3}4602x) I think these 2 lines show how well ahk works with ASCII p0rtal.


Very nice TAS run there, I like it! btw got a dl link for ASCII p0rtal? Looks like it’d be fun to play.


Sorry for late answer, I guess you found it yourself by now.


yeah, but thanks anyway ;D




you made an entire run useing autohothey? Thats really cool actually


Nothing is as good as AHK.


Inb4 Hourglass update.