Daily WTF, Chamber 17



I was playing around in Chamber 17, and I found a really weird bug / glitch. I’m sure you have already found it, but maybe not in this chamber.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, I suggest downloading the demo file I’ve made.


I’ll try.
So if you do the glitch (Please forgive me, I don’t know it’s name) as you can see in Portal Done Pro-er in chamber 13 to jump into a area by using the edges of the portals (Edge-glitch? Sorry, not sure) in chamber 17, by launching a portal in the “hidden” / “clue” area at the ceiling and the other one at the entrance to the main area where you can jump on top of a cube, you get in a weird state, where the map is rotated 90 degrees, but if you cross a certain area of the map it changes back and forth.


I just messed around with this a bit and it seems like it’s the same thing as the 13 edge glitch that you’re talking about.
The game edge glitches you into the inbounds area under the blue portal while you also get into a saveglitch state.

Just like saveglitch and large/acute angle glitch, it seperates your camera from your “body” that you shoot portals from.



Video of the trick in case people are too lazy to watch the demo/don’t have Steampipe Portal.