http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/784501731/p2_…p2_suga_26s.rar3 maps to go!I think it’s best to move on at this point. So far I think I and suga are the only ones to successfully pull off the nadejump, and suga is much better than I am at adlibbing runs. I tend to program myself to repeat tricks again and again over time, so if I haven’t been getting to the second half of the run very often at all, chances are good I won’t perform so great on it. Since suga is finished running this part, and got a not perfect but nice looking demo, I think we’re good to continue.Anyway, I’ve never done or attempted the orbjump on this map, and unless everyone that has (option and suga so far) isn’t going to attempt it, then I’ll leave it to them. Just remember that the most important part for citadel_04_p1 is the setup. You need to set up the jump as quickly as possible, and save once you touch the ground at the top. This is a going to be another two-parter.Also, I think it is probably just a bit faster to shoot the moniter that we are using for the jump twice with the gravgun so it falls off it’s hinges first, before we grab it. If we just grab first to tear it off, the animation takes a little bit of time.As for p2, I’ll make a post with my route ideas etc once we get to it.

for those who haven’t looked the “future plans” thread closely:highest jump I got.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/82669760/suga…_04_orbjump.rarOption’s highest. you’ll notice it launches him more vertically compared to my method.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1542785346/zo…_04_orbjump.rarhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1855883826/su…el_04_setup.rarmy method is easier to setup but I’m not sure if you can get as high as Option’s method. I tried it for hours before but never made it to the top floor.I think it’s better to use Option’s method and save when setup’s done fast enogh (yep three segments ;/). I think it’s too frustraiting to set up over and over again since orbjump’s pretty random.

I agree, it should be segmented like that.

Well, is anyone working on p1 then? I would do the setup as it will probably be a 2-3s demo, but I don’t want to start having to deal with 1/3’s in the Credit’s page. It might be better for someone to do both the p1 and p2 demos.For p1 all you have to do is bhop to the left enough so that you pass the overhanging platform that is far above you, then grab the moniter long-distance and drop it on the rails. Since this a segment all by itself it should be one smooth action.

I’d have a go at this, but I’m currently ‘speedrunning’ a chemistry assignment for tuesday. :frowning:

No Option, you must do it now! It’s your method! Chemistry can wait!! :stuck_out_tongue:

omg I did it!http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/896433713/p2_…p1_suga_14s.rarI’ll try to improve the setup part (it’s sloppy as hell) but I’m not sure if I can make another orbjump :ph43r:edit:another omg! health / suite is 77 / 77 :smiley:

Very nice suga! Good work making it into one segment! :DSo are you finished with p1 then? I only ask because after someone does things for awhile, they become more and more proficient at repeating, and therefore improving, them. If you’re able to speed up the time it takes to duckjump on that small piece of metal in the setup, that’s awesome, if you’re not, it’s great anyway.

Suga’s run is okay, but it could be a couple of seconds faster.There are probably about 10 methods to get up there (that are somewhat reliable)…This one is pretty easy to set up since you just throw the piece there:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1708399332/p2…del_04_test.rar…however it’s not easy to do a good orbjump with that setup (is any setup easy?).(I haven’t made it to the top with this setup; but then again I’ve never made it to the top with ANY setup…)Now it doesn’t matter really who does the next part since we’re pretty sure there will only be 2 ‘large’ parts on this map.But we should try to improve this part at least…in my opinion…

maybe we can move on with my save while some of us keep trying p1? p2 of this map and next 2 maps aren’t that hard to redo I think.

p2 on this map is pure movement that isnt that hard to do, the speed is pretty random at some parts though. At least for me, I get 10 fps at some parts so I dont think I can compete.Recharging health to do a mortarjump doesnt take very long but if there is enough health to do it without recharge it can compete with a 2 second faster run with less health. How much health is needed for the mortarjump anyway? And is there a charger in breen_01?EDIT:suga, that jump was really nice, pixel perfect as they say in qdq :slight_smile:

There’s a charger in Breen_01, in the room where you get your super grav gun back.

We’ll use a nade-boost on p2 on this map right? (at the hall where you meet the strider)I think that we should keep on trying on this part…but it’s not up to me, but still…Maybe we should move on while some keep on trying p1? But the thing is that only Suga & |Z|Option has made it (that I know of at least)…We shouldn’t move on too fast…just my opinion… :unsure:

In p2 of this map I plan on using a horizontal nade boost at the long runway. I ran it a little just to get used to it but I don’t want to put a run out until we get p1 settled first. Is nobody planning on improving it, because based on the time difference of your (suga’s) two successful orbjumps (5 minutes) and my own experience with speedrunning, I think we can get a faster time out of you yet. :stuck_out_tongue: What I mean by that is, usually when you start getting successful runs right after each other, it means that you are becoming used to the method and will soon repeat the trick with better and better efficiency.As far as the other maps go, there is a charger for the mortar jump in citadel_05, and a charger at the top of the elevator in breen_01. I haven’t tested breen extensively yet, but chances are good we will be following breen down the elevator. We can charge since the elevator goes down fairly slow and we can’t pass it on the way down anyhow.

I made a 25 second run on p2, but I think it can be done in arount 21-22 when everything clicks. I dont think a grenadeboost down the hallway will do much, if you keep your speed from the area before the hallway you will be able to get to the door before it opens.saving around 100 health would be good since we dont need to recharge before the mortarjump.We need the mortar to jump into a moving coffin? I tried it a couple of times but didnt succeed. Is there anything to it?

The trigger that opens the door is at the end of the hall. It does help, and you can get to the door at 8s normally, vs 3s with the boost, and on top of that you have extra speed taking you straight to the orb forcefield. Also, it looks way cooler, and is one of the final tricks in the run.As for the coffin jump, it’s weird because sometimes it doesn’t let you in. Do it in noclip mode first to see what I mean. Luckily it will be a small demo and we’ll probably get it done the day we start on it. The only thing I want to figure out first is the demo problem. When you enter a coffin while recording all you see is the back of the coffin the whole time. I’m not sure if that’s true for entering it normally, but entering it before or after it’s ready does that for me. It would be really boring to have a several minute demo of looking at the back of an open coffin :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, yeah, its a weird bug with the coffin. Aha, I thought the trigger was earlier in the hallway, my bad.I did some experimenting on the last map. Its really cool to go down the elevator with breen and see him in the bubble at the same time (almost).To top it off we can do a orbjump to the top and hit the trigger that opens the top of the pipe where breen goes up. I think it will look awesome.

I still need to test all the triggers on breen and see what they each do, which are necessary, etc. See if there is any way to manipulate them for any early breen death.But ANYWAY, I hope suga plans on trying to rework p1 of this map as I think it’s within his scope. Sorry suga, but the fact that you got two working jumps less than 5 minutes between each other tells me you can pull it off again, and better! :slight_smile:

well, max I mean another omg was that my health / suite ended up 77 / 77 in that demo, not I succeeded another orbjump :Pas I said, I tried orbjump for hours and that was only launch part so I did maybe over a thousand tries. yet only succeeded jump was one in that run.I’ll keep trying but I’m not positive I can get another jump so I’m suggesting to move on.we can optimize everything but we are soon out of time.I think we can recharge full at the start of citadel_05. you can only get onto the coffin that is one ahead in the line you nomally get onto, because there is a trigger you must hit while you are in the coffin, otherwise coffin get back to the start line.demo here. I noclipped to the coffin as soon as the map is loaded. you can say it’s impossible to get onto that coffin and hit the trigger without noclip.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1953414773/su…coffin_loop.rarI think you just fly in breen_01. the chair gives you enogh boost and orbs don’t spawn until you hit certain trigger so it takes quite a while to setup.

btw max you’ll still have inet after you leave or won’t have pc at all?