possible to sub 40 seconds…


Faster than HL2DQ, nice!


We’re so close to phase 2! You guys have really picked up the pace. I’m impressed.


Just curious, are you guys running this on Easy or is this just for Phase 1. I remember rocket launcher jumps hurting much more than that :o


Yeah, this phase 1 was absolutely the worst phase 1 ever done.

All these routes being done on easy. Screwed us over on canals_11.
Also every map being started with 100 hp.
Luckily, I noticed in time. The run is done on Hard like it’s supposed to.


Welcome to the forums, Max]I[mus-X, its really nice to see you here :b

Sure, RPG jumps cost a lot of health, but with so much armor we can survive it. I don’t know if this video has been done on Easy or Hard, but I think its possible to do it on Hard easely :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it was agreed on that it’s be done on Hard, since HL2DQ was on hard.


Good on ya, that’s the way to do it! Would have been interesting to run the game with the modified engine to see what I could come up with. Honestly it looks like it has huge potential for skips. Also, the modified version of flying appears to look the same as the original. Have you tried doing any of the camera tilts or angle changing for flying to get better speed?


It is not possible to gain speed while flying on this engine, because of the forward hopping speed cap that prevents us from gaining speed while jumping forwards.

Flying is way more difficult in this version - its very limited, because the engine always tries to release the object we are holding, when we step on it. The only reliable objects for flying are supply crates and barrels. Other objects will just get autoreleased or they will change their angle so we start falling.

It’s a shame that we can’t fly like on the old version, but no worries - most of the flying got replaced by huge Collision Boosts that we can get from ABHing.


Even if we still had old flying, we’d still probably end up using ABH launches anyway.

Barrels are useful for straight lines, supply crates are flexible and allow you to steer.


can you still pick up the weapons?
i couldn’t do it… maybe i just did something wrong


Yeah, you need to be up against the barrier, and you need to re-grab them all, and sometimes you have to shoot the weapon you’re holding to keep it. I haven’t tried it either but it seems easy to do. Dark did it in the current Steam version in that video, so it should still be possible.

Okay yeah S is right. It’s a certain order you have to grab them in, leaving just the grav gun out in the air. You have to make the laser things go right for the grav gun, and no other gun, otherwise you lose that gun. Tricky.


Yeah, it is not as easy as it looks. It´s not just a case of grabbing them all.