I wanted to do Citadel_01! :frowning:

Ah, whatever. I got citadel_02 done. At least that flying hell is over… Was very hard to do, 5 segments, but can be done in 3. Much slower than HL2DQ.

By the way, to run next map, just load up citadel_03 and noclip near the forcefield where I stopped, because at the changelevel I moved and I got stuck into it in midair lol. Sorry.


Out of intrest, what was your route?


I think there might be a possible route update for citadel_02:
When I was doing the phase 1 route for cit_02 I remember I used to gain too much height. That’s why I used to land in several places in my routedemo. Now when I think of it, I could’ve been flying while touching the ceiling from too much height all the time. This would also eliminate the long wallclimb later in the video.

I’m not really sure if this could work - because there MIGHT be some obstacles - for example: ceiling suddenly gets lower, making you to fall a bit and continue flying. This would be hard to pull off, but we’ll see when the time comes :slight_smile:



The most time to be saved is going to be during the flying bit. The boost at the end can be done with less HP loss if we’re willing to take the time to bother.

And before anyone asks, YES I hacked in extra HP at the start of the 3rd segment, YES I hacked in a grenade at the start of the 3rd segment, YES I used host_timescale 0.1 to get the proper fling more easily, and YES I was playing on hard.


What the hell, such a high boost is impossible with SMG.


Need fullbright


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQsm25zdRcE - the launch I did in the full route vid, but with mat_fullbright 1 and some random timescaling.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlKdd4u9rlM - the same launch done IN REALTIME (NO TIMESCALE) with mat_fullbright 1


omg lol, there was a slope in there!? How did I miss it :confused:

Very nice job on the route, z1m, I love you.