http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1552146992/p2…aximusx_28s.rarEDIT: FINALLY FIXED!5 maps to go!First we will need to make the short p1 demo that will be the transition for the main citadel_02 running on p2. Now if you don’t press anything on this save, you will land on a platform with the board and live with 7 health. If worse comes to worse we’ll just make this one segment and let it do that.However, it would be better if we can find a way to keep most or all of our health, and start off flying. We need to manipulate the board midair to do this. Try anything; dropping the board, throwing the board, dropping then grabbing, turning to land on the board without losing too much health, etc. We need to find a combination that will conserve our health!You can use the fadein command in practice runs just to see what you will have to do to grab the board midair and keep health.

Where’s the save state? The archive has only one demo file in it. :huh:

My mistake. It should be fixed now.

I still only see a file with the “p2_04s” demo in it.

Ugh, finally fixed it. I tested it this time too :)EDIT: You know what’s sad that I just now realized. We’ll lose Alyx’s gun at the beginning of citadel_03, and we never even got to show it off yet ;/Although technically we could possibly save it the same way I plan on saving the machine gun and hopefully one other weapon. It will be tough to save all of them though, very random.

Progress made. I was testing different methods out with fadein, and on one attempt I was looking straight down, turned my mouse a little to the right, and was gently nudged to a stop and landed on a platform with no health gone.If you turn your mouse while looking down and holding the object with the gravgun, you tend to fall on the tip of it, which usually hurts or kills you depending on how fast you’re falling. I’m not sure why it didn’t hurt me… maybe I hit the very tip.On the other hand, I was near a sloped plane, so I might have landed on the tip of the board just as the board was sliding down the plane, making it give me no damage. I don’t know if that would work even if someone were to successfully do it though, it’s just a theory.I can’t say for sure how it happened, but if there’s anybody else testing this, it should help.

It’s definitely possible to conserve all or nearly all your health. Here’s a demo I made with “fadein” in which i only lose 1hp:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1254810846/ci…l_02_health.rarI pressed duck a lot and turned rapidly to the right/left.EDIT: Oh snap! :lol:

http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/978678980/p2_…maximusx_1s.rarNow that we’ve got the random transition out of the way (gg 4s and 1s demos), back to Citadel :slight_smile:

The corners are tough to get used to, but I’m starting to get the hang of this map I think. I’m only posting to say that based on my current times so far, a good time should probably be 45s or less. That will mean a 2 minute + timesave :)EDIT: http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/586842666/p2_…aximusx_46s.rarThat’s 45s for p2, and 46s total time. BARELY 45s for p2, really it should be 44 ;/I will continue to work on the map since I got this one out so quick, that was a pretty good one though for the small amount I’ve been practicing the map. It can be improved though.

QUOTE (MaxImuS-X @ Feb 28 2006, 02:33 AM)http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/978678980/p2_…maximusx_1s.rarNow that we’ve got the random transition out of the way (gg 4s and 1s demos), back to Citadel :)How come I can see the entire demo, but when I play the screen is white? Did you use “fadein” accidentaly? (or is it me?) :blink: As for the second demo (45s) that board seems to be a great flying device, and I haven’t even tried it :frowning: Good that you keep up the speed on HL2DQ MaximusX, we need it! (and you 'cause you going away :stuck_out_tongue: )(as for the past 2-4 levels: Great work everyone :smiley: I follow this daily but I never post)note to myself: Cut down on smileys…seriously…

I didn’t use fadein. The ironic part about me having to do it blind is, I think it is a demo glitch like in trainstation_04 where in a demo you don’t see the white screen, but in the game you do.

Got 44s on p2 but when you play the demo it crashes at the end. Won’t hurt recording or anything, it’s just annoying. I’ll try a little bit for 43s tomorrow.

http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/732196797/p2_…aximusx_45s.rarThis is the 44s time on p2 that I mentioned. Is anyone else running this or can we move on? Sorry for my impatience, but my time is running out!

gogogo :smiley: