http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1215718005/p2…imusx_1m03s.rar6 more maps to go!We’ve hit citadel! This is the final stretch, fellas :DThis map is all about flying and maybe a little bit of bunnyhopping. We’ll need to segment this right before the load for the next level though, as it will take something tricky to get us in there while holding an object with the gravgun.First we need to test if it’s possible to do that straight from a flying position, rather than from the ground. Perhaps throwing ourselves off the object into the save, but quickly turning around and grabbing the object with the gravgun before we hit it? Luckily I accidentally made the gravgun our primary weapon when we aren’t holding an object.If that doesn’t work out, we will have to land on the ground near the save, gravgun off the object into the save, then turn around and grab it with the gravgun. Obviously a segment is definitely necessary for this map in either case.


I think we will end the first segment after we land on the edge of the platform that the load point is on. It takes to long to switch to the gravgun after you drop an object.I’m not sure which direction we should fly in the beginning, to the left or right. The right is a shorter distance to the thin hallway, but you can get more speed going to the left, at least for the first jump before we start flying.Also, I think once we get to the tiny hallway, we should bhop with the object all the way until we get to the far end of the platform where you’re supposed to get in the coffin. This involves a gap jump and jumping on a tiny strip on the right edge of the platform where you get on the coffin.




I already have a 27s and am going for 24s, just a heads up.


Well I got 24s for p1 of this map, but had a sort of bumpy ride in the beginning and am down to 36 health 15 armor. I did a test-run through different parts of citadel_03 and citadel_04 though, and I think we can make it. You can get through citadel_03 without getting hit (or not getting hit much), and I’m pretty sure you can do the same on citadel_04. The super chargers on this map heal both health and armor fast, so we can hit them as we go by as well.citadel_05 we needed to use the charger at the beginning for a second or so anyway, and we can use that to prepare for the mortar jump on the same map. breen_01 we shouldn’t get hit.


ah ok. thought you’ll get a better time.


Here’s the 24s save, and I also included my method for the transition for citadel_02. http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1165576184/p2…aximusx_28s.rarUnfortunately, we may have to redo citadel_01_p2, because we’ll need to grab the board (or do SOMETHING to make ourselves live) in the _2.dem, which I do not do here. Although, there is the possibility that we could somehow survive using the 4s save.


2 Things: One, i dont know if you guys know, but the command fadein will get rid of it turning white when you exit the map, once it starts to turn white.And 2, i dont seem to know where the exit location is. I was trying it hit it, but i couldnt tell if it was above me or something. I attached a picture of the end, and i dont know where the location is.Thanks.


QUOTE (DemonStrate @ Feb 27 2006, 01:52 AM) And 2, i dont seem to know where the exit location is. I was trying it hit it, but i couldnt tell if it was above me or something. I attached a picture of the end, and i dont know where the location is.Thanks. If you activate these 2 commands in this order you’ll see the exit-trigger:showtriggers 1showtriggers_toggleThere will be a yellow-block slightly above your head - that’s the exit!(it was a while a played this map but I think this is how it was)oh, btw: Are we allowed to use such commands WHILE running? Or aren’t we allowed to do this?


Not while running, but it will be useful to see where the board is, so we can do it blind. Thanks for the tip. By the way, you don’t need to type “showtriggers 1”, just “showtriggers_toggle” will work everytime by itself.


If you enter the transition high enough (almost at the height of the rail), you sometimes end up sitting on a high ledge at the start of citadel_02, just behind the cart. I’ve done it twice now with “noclip”, although i think it’ll be tough to get that high when you’re blind.


DemonStrate, you also need to get into the trigger before the screen goes almost completely white. After that point, you can’t get in.


Got it, resubmitted here:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1552146992/p2…aximusx_28s.rarEDIT: Fixed link.I’m going to make a thread for the next map because I have only two weeks left, and I don’t know who else is running it. I don’t think p2 can be done in less than 4s though.

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