At the start there are wooden planks, but when you start the map from the console, they aren’t there. In phase 2 we will have to blow them up with rpg. Other than that, it’s pretty much lowerlogic’s crowbar run route, only I’ve used some abh slope boost to get onto the building. Also, I had to wait longer when I hit the first trigger, because that strider could kill me in few shots (this is hard difficulty, unless we will decide to run on Easy xD).


Flying is possible but hard to do:


Well, my route is faster, and I’m sure we can do it even faster in Phase 2 with no waiting and stuff…



How about this?

The trigger at the start (the one I wallclimb over) causes the strider to move. If you don’t hit it, it just stays there and keeps firing into the building. If you do hit it, and continue on the route, it comes and rapes you in the alleyway I go down.

We need the box, so yes, your route is faster, but unless we get a supply box with you, we can’t do citadel_01/02.

(Unless you want to take the chassy ride through and lose all of our guns :wink: )


This may work… Yeah, we should use this one.