Its time to leave the really annoying level which can be run faster with loads and loads of luck.d3_c17_12b DEMO + SAVESUPDATED (again):Single segment demo:1m26sStrange fast demo where I loose too much health and loose the wood:1m13sComments:Im not really sure about the timing in this map, I aimed for the strider to have a small walk before I went into the trigger that triggers dog.Sometimes dog doesnt break the statue, but it doesnt matter because the car is tossed with a trigger and not by dog.I brought the wooden plank to the next level, its fast to fly with.

Got 1:10 but can do better.Just to be fair, I’m working from this first segment of 4s. It’s best to segment this map because getting the right piece of wood, facing the right direction, is random. http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/669125907/p2_…maximusx_4s.rarYou can get much better speed with this specific piece of wood facing this way, than any random straight piece of wood. This will help us out in this map and in citadel_01 and citadel_02 as well.EDIT: 1:07, still gonna work on it. That’s total time by the way.

I dont like the split on this map, you can grab just that peice in this map without the randomness. If you watch my demo the peices walls down to the floor in the same positions every run. I think I use the same peice of wood so I dont see why this map should be split. As far as changing the direcion of the peice of wood, it would only take you about 0.5 and thats the penalty we will get for segmenting this one up.And plz, post demos of your progress.

The piece has to be upside-down, with the pointy part facing you, and it has to FLIP that way, and there’s only one of them. Not to mention many times the man blocks your path thanks to grabbing the piece. And flipping the piece of wood after you pass the man, grabbing it in the right position, and then starting to hop again, takes at LEAST 2 seconds, probably more.Avoiding the randomness of the beginning allows for a much more finely tuned run. Were it not for being able to grab the right piece of wood here, I had planned on segmenting c17_12b to shoot and catch a piece of barrel anyway.Your non-fluke demo was 1m26s, which is a far cry away from the 1m05s or less which I plan to get. I think that’s a big enough difference to split.As for a demo, I’m going to wait until I get one demo I find decent enough to post.

Aha, I didnt realise it was a flip aswell. Then Im with you.Why wait instead of showing a good route so more people can compete about perfecting that route? Its almost like the american attitude, don’t help others because then they might get promoted instead of you.

Well to be completely honest, this and citadel_02 are the only two maps left that I’m going to be a little competitive about. I found the big time-savers on them, and I would really like my name to be on them in the final run. There is no requirement for me to post a route before I post my first demo, I just normally do it in the best interest of the run. I’ve lost maps that I’ve designed the routes for and I don’t hold any grudges, but this map I want, so I’m a little hesitant to post a flawed demo early just to have somebody perfect it by a few seconds before I do.And by the way, that’s not the american attitude, that’s the business world attitude. Let’s not bring nationalities into this :stuck_out_tongue:

This “project” is about getting the fastest hl2 time on hard skill ever done. Or I can say I thought it was. But I guess its all about getting your name in a movie at any cost.

Are you serious? Yes, the whole run is now “get your name in the run at all costs” because I want two maps out of how many? Excuse me, but I believe I have been VERY beneficial in posting routes for many maps, in the first post of the thread even.Don’t go saying I’m only about getting my name in the run because I’ve already done that many times over. I’ve also helped other people get their names in the run, using my routes. If I want to be a little competitive about two more maps after being responsible for almost 1/3 of the entire project, I can be.It’s ironic, because the one map you have a time on, was my route. Which, by the way, I gave (along with the rest of coast, even though some were modified or improved) LONG before the map even started. Remember that? I was giving my route guides whole sections before the maps were even started.And yes, me posting my demo a little later than normal WILL contribute to the “fastest hl2 time on hard skill ever done”. It’s not like after I post it I’m going to immediately move on to the next map.

Uhm, dont get me wrong now, but Im not retarded. I can find stuff out for myself aswell. Anyway, I know you are going to get the best time on the current map anyway because you are dedicated. Anyway, this is no place for a flame war.We will continue this map and have it split and you will have the best time and everyone will be happy. (Unless you really really want to revert and split the last map and get the barrel peice instead)

The problem is, there is no guarantee that I will have the best time, which is why I’m withholding my INCOMPLETE demo. The only reason I even mentioned it was to let you guys know my progress. If I post an incomplete demo now, all it would take is someone from the other side of the ocean to take everything I’ve discovered so far, improve upon that extra few seconds while I’m asleep, and now there is no way I can beat the time.In fact, there is a good chance after I make a demo that actually hits all the tricks I aim for, that it will still be beat. There is even a good chance that it will be beat without me posting a single thing. So it’s not like after I post the demo that the ship has sailed. I hope it has, but I’m sure someone (suga) could take my ideas and get an extra second out of them when I’m through. I just hope not :slight_smile:

Heh, there is always suga. Anyway, you deserve to have your name on every map you found groundbreaking tricks for. Or an extra credit in the credits. “Route planner” or something.Anyway, Im off to school now for 6 hours of wonderful math, physics actually :wink:

If you were upset because you were trying to get your name a few more times in the run, just say so, because I would be more than happy to not threaten a map of your picking besides c17_13 and citadel_02. As long as you’re dedicated and willing to make the time as low as possible, hitting all the tricks, then it doesn’t matter to me who does them, as long as they’re done. I just want these two maps because I found two big shortcuts on them, and I’m trying not to break my eggs before they hatch, so to speak, by posting my route before it’s finished.

I wish you do this “F U” action in waiting time. it’s a scene from e3 2003 hl2 trailer :slight_smile:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/762724961/e3_…striders_FU.rar (vid)edit:oh btw o40, I repeat this but you should set sv_alternateticks to 0 if you are using dx7 (I assume you are using it) :stuck_out_tongue:

aah, yes I am, and no, I forgot to set sv_alternativeticks 0what does that do?That F U action would really be a nice thing to put in the run.Another ugly thing would be to block the car or move it so it doesnt hit the statue. I will play with that later if I get the time.

don’t know but it uses half of usual tick and causes some bad things like makes demos jerky and height you can get with gravjump low.

ah, that might explain the last map.

I’ll spell it out on the ground while Dog is lifting the barrier, how’s that =)EDIT: Actually, I can’t. There’s just no time. Not only does the wood disappear, but Barney’s dialogue is too short.

Thanks suga, that command eased things up a bit, at last I nailed the trick on demo. I guess this one will go to the “tricks” section because the map is past now.Frustrating GGjumpThe trick was really to go towards the middle of the container and shoot the GGun as early as possible. Other than that, you need luck. :slight_smile:

^^^o40, why don’t you keep trying to complete _12b with that jump? It will most likely be the fastest way and besides we won’t lose any health/armor (not that we REALLY need more of those, but still). You could keep trying since no “real” run of this map has been posted yet (and MaximusX will probably take this one).How about it?

I already have a 1:04 time for this map, but I plan/hope on getting 1:02 so I guess I could live with a re-run of 12b if you manage it. Just do it before I get 1:02 here :stuck_out_tongue: