Well… yeah… ABH solves everything. :smiley:

Using the same technique for the cylinder hop in prison_05, I produced this. IT’S A BITCH TO PULL OFF THOUGH. Seriously… this was a result of at least a hundred tries.

It’s possible to shave a couple more seconds off in Phase 2. This is only 1 second slower than HL2DQ, but we can definitely go to ~10 seconds.

HOW CAN THIS BE SLOWER THAN HL2DQ?! Lol, I’m only now starting to realise how cool HL2DQ is.
By the way, could you send me a demo, please? I want to watch it with a timescale, because I can’t see that container in YouTube. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here ya go.

Slower than HL2DQ because I got stuck on that fucking rock pillar thing. It will be faster in phase 2, I just didn’t want to waste time getting a perfect run when either me or some other runner will have to recreate it in phase 2.

I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but yeah…

I don’t know how we’re going to do that. :-\

No worries Im currently working on some abh+dmg boost jump on the first map. Where hl2dq just flew into the citadel. Anyways, we will figure something out with ABH. For now, only.route matters, not the time.

Alright, update to this route (but I don’t feel like doing it again):

Pickup a box from the end and bring it to the loading screen. We’re going to need it for c17_13, citadel_01, and citadel_02.