http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/8739397/p2_d3…12_suga_17s.rar8 maps to go!Before we begin this map, I think we should start experimenting on things to fly with on the d3_c17_13. I was hoping we could find an object, broken or otherwise, that can fly at speeds comparable to the object Pincus flew on in c17_09. I was thinking maybe we could use one of the broken boards at the beginning of the level (c17_13), or use the objects in the stores.The reason I think we should start looking now, is if we don’t find anything faster than a piece of barrel, we could just split this map into two parts, and use the first part to do the dumpsterjump, and the second part to shoot the barrel on the high ledge until a piece flys into our hands, then fly into c17_13.

I tried running this map for an hour or so and I came up with 12 seconds. With my route, I will probably hit 11 if I push it a bit. There is possibility for a mad stunt in this map aswell. You bunnyhop towards the container, shoot a mortar up in the air that will land at the container just as you GGjump it. That will give you that little extra boost that you may need to fly directly to third floor at the part where you can jump down to the end. Its probably possible without aswell but I only got close a couple of times.Anyway, in the next map, how to you get dog to open the wall withouth killing the strider? Nevermind, I found the demo.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1418225833/d3…striderskip.rar

Well I personally decided it’s better to use an object in c17_13 than a piece of barrel, so a regular run of this map is ok.o40, you can ggjump straight to the roof without a mortar ya know, minus the pain :PBy the way, you got 12s already? I figure the best plan is to just ggjump into the third floor (because you can get more speed going into the third floor than the fourth) and bump off a piece of debris to land in the hallway, then mortar the boxes and fall into the hole with a shotgun out.Mind posting the demo of your current run?

Example fifth floor gravjump:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1854277440/d3…usx_bigjump.rarI don’t think it would be better than a third floor jump + catapulting off an object into the hallway. Only problem I have so far is controlling myself enough to weave through all the debris in the third floor and then hit something at such an angle to get into the hallway.Also, we might want to bind a button to save instead of relying on the autosave, because on the next map we don’t want to mess up taking the right piece of board by doing it in a one-time _2.dem. As soon as c17_13 loads, we should push the save button.

I can post my runs soon. Just going to make breakfast :)EDIT:I tried your jump, not sure of how to do it, its just crouch and shoot the gravgun sideways? If the clips didnt exist at the roof this demo would have been a 11s demo. I did one nice jump through the right window that would have been a 10 second demo if I hadnt gotten stuck at the boxes. I didnt save that demo, I see now that I should have, its pretty hard for me to get the proper height/speed.So max, how to do a good GGjump?http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/512523196/d3_…clips_sucks.zipAnyway, here is my 12s demo. The route can be done in 11 seconds, 10 seconds isnt likely to happen though.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/78305750/p2_d…12b_o40_12s.zip

Well I’m not 100% positive on all the proper techniques as most of it is just a “feeling” for it that I get as I do it over and over again, but here’s what I do, and what I think is happening.I hit duck midair before I hit the dumpster, then most of the time I actually hit the button before I even see the dumpster. I think this helps me hit the edge of the dumpster, giving more boost. In fact, usually what I think happens if done right is, the ggjump sends the dumpster flipping, and if I’m on the edge that flips up, it will knock me high. Not positive though.I look sideways a lot of the time, I’m not sure it’s necessary or helpful though, but it might be. A lot of the time it’s just because I’m trying to aim for the very corner.I watched your demo, and I don’t think we can afford to do that mortarjump for several reasons. One, we will need the health for citadel_03, as there really isn’t a convienent place to get health in any maps in between. Two, for the same reason we can use the mortar to break open the boxes and get back the mortar, as well as two armor canisters. Three, we will need (or at least want) the mortar for citadel_05, when we mortarjump into one of the coffins down the track.Using one of the pieces of debris to ricochet into the hallway would be just as fast, but more difficult. I think we should work at this until we get that.

I will do a run where I jump on the right side of the building and down the corridor that leads to the end. do I need to break the boxes or is it ok if I jump around. I think I can get 10-11 seconds if I try it a bit. I discarded the mortar route when I saw your jump to 5th, but I still wanted to post the demo as an alternative.EDIT:AArrghh, just had a long session where I got nowhere. I didnt hit a high jump once.Maby it will go better tomorrow.

It’s better if you break the boxes, but if you don’t it should be alright. Just be aware that you should TRY to break them, but if you forget in the heat of the run, it’s not that big of a deal.

do we have time in the next map to wait for the first NPC to talk or can we skip that ?You can toss 2 grenades up and break the boxes and with some luck, let some goodies fall down on you =)

We skip the first NPC, so no time for that. Besides, it would be too much luck for a map that involves flying, which is random enough (for a good flight) anyway. And then theres the teleporting on that map, and the grabbing of the right piece in the beginning.

nice going :slight_smile: looks like this map is gonna be also tough.two questions:isn’t it easier to break the woods by rpg in the next map?what is the “flinging ourselves off a metal piece on c17_13” trick you mentioned on c17_09 thread, max?

That was when I was considering using a piece of metal to fly across c17_13. I’m still wondering if any of the objects found in c17_13 are faster than a good piece of metal.

I tried this map for a long time now. I totally fail with the GGjump. I dont know what I do wrong either. I try to mimic my demos where I make the jumps but I cant get it right. :/EDIT:No progress, I dont know what I do wrong either.Anyone else running this?

I’ve run this map for the first time today, and bah I hate this map (yeah I pretty much hate all the hl2 maps) :(so much luck is needed to pull off max’s suggested route.

I dont get why I got so high jump a little while, and now, nothing.There should be some semi-high jumps occuring aswell but this seems lile all or nothing.

Sorry for recent inactivity, I’ve been pulling all nighters for school labs recently and haven’t had any time for HL2. I will try to get back in the game. Remember, 8 maps to go :slight_smile:

school labs rocks :wink: Yesterday, I finished it 5 minutes before deadline. I was kind of stressed at the moment.

we also have deadline for this project :confused: we can spend about only 3 days for each map to finish this before max leaves.

I know, but I have played this map for at least 30 mins per day since we switched to it. Its starting to loose the fun.

no luck today either. Im starting to think about other routes. This won’t do. Im so frustrated by the knowledge that this trick is possible and that its the smooth way to run this map.