http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/939831021/p2_…11_suga_10s.rar9 more maps to go!This is pretty much just a bhop map, with the main trick being surviving. What we want to do is fall down the stairwell, slide off the small railing sticking out (pressing sprint and trying to sprint up it as we pass, so we minimize the fall damage), then bhopping without stopping to the tree, using it to jump the first gap, then use our speed to jump the second, hopefully survive the guards (maybe with a nice placed rocket as we approach), then as we sprint down the final stairs, rocket the boxes at the bottom and collect the health etc.


http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/224079760/p2_…omp_arghhhh.raras far as I can get, life is really freaking short here…



Well sometimes I get a massive boost off the tree and I hop completely over all the fences and pass the trigger that spawns the combine. Problem is i take some damage from the fall and then the strider gets me every time. I think this will be the best and fastest way to get it done.Check it here:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1430131097/p2…omp_big_air.rarI did a bad fall at the beginng, I usually have 21 hp which is why I die obviously. I’ve done this like 5 other times but the strider kills me.


I want to cry after this one lol…http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/612402906/p2_…chomp_AHHHH.rar


ooh, that demo looked to soo before you died.Is there any possibility to smack the strider in the head with a rocket before it shoots at you? A strider that takes a hit doesnt shoot for a couple of seconds.


it’s possible but recording bug (strider’s head position is broken) makes it hard to hit him :confused:


:’( like chomp :stuck_out_tongue:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/105928177/p2_…2_hlook_gna.rar


http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/817388311/p2_…skipstrider.rarWay around strider, GGjump the dumpster and it skips his trigger. If done right it’s actually faster than just going through the trigger (which is at the combine doors right when you get outside).I would have had this already but I drank an energy drink and my arms are shaking now and its hard to play :lol: I dont drink much caffiene…


20s :)Holy shit, this took so long to do…


You’re able to sprint against the rail that sticks out and then fall and hit the ground, losing at best no damage but faster time going down the stairwell.I don’t think the dumpster is faster than going through the trigger either, as long as you don’t stop moving when making the harder turns and instead turn/strafe into them. There are ways of making hard turns but keeping the speed.Finally, less delay on the rocketfire would be good. These aren’t complaints or anything, just constructive criticism. It’s a good demo and it sets a time for people to aim for, just needs a bit more improvement before we move on.


No way I’m gonna improve, other people are welcome to. I tried for like 2 1/2 hours today, and countless hours yesterday and this is the ONLY one I got to the end on :lol:The dumpster hop is so the strider doesn’t spawn, it killed me probably 100+ times and I was about to give up.Edit: Can you make a demo of the stairwell thing, I don’t understand what you mean.


Well sometimes it’s hard to get perfect, but you just strafe against the rail sticking out in front of you (last ledge) and you’re able to slow down only a bit mid-fall and not die or lose no health at all if you’re lucky. Since it can be hard to do though, even just landing on one railing on the way down would be alright, I noticed you landed on three though.Like someone else said, can’t you just land a rocket on the striders head as you get near him? I don’t have any head position recording bug so I’m not sure what you mean.


I could but to get the extra-high jump off the log to pass the combine trigger takes a lot of luck. I’ve done it maybe 10 or 15 times in, I’m guessing, several hundred attempts. I don’t feel like trying for 6+ more hours but anyone who is more consistant should try to get better. I would consider trying but i have two tests tomorrow and I will be away this weekend so there’s no time for me.


Well played chomp, the demo looks good. There is room for improvement but I guess you get fed up by the randomness in hl2 sometimes.


alt route. a little bit lesser random than the log I think.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1754456569/su…2_alt_route.rar


18s :slight_smile:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1239593898/p2…12_suga_18s.rar


Nice going suga!I took a look at the next map and saw some possibilitys, and that is a 10-11 second run. You just need to make a cool GGjump off a container and not fly into a flying camera. So hopefully, we can save 15 second on this next map.


Disregard that, cameras are your friends. Oh the randomness.Route suggestion for the next map


wow! very nice played, both of you!gotta ask two questions, whats the command to bind recording to a key?and are the _2.dem automaticly done or do i have to use some kind of command?